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What is a non-fungible token?

The 10 Best Examples of NFTs

What are NFTs and how do they work?

NFTs explained for Kids

NFT video for kids

NFTs explained by a kid

Pros and cons of NFTs

The Dark side of NFTs

How much energy does Bitcoin use?

NFTs effect on Earth’s climate

NFT Environment Impact

How Browsers Find Websites

DNS History

Domain name system

Domain Name System History

Paul Mockapetris

DNS Facts for Kids

DNS Explained

What is an ISP?

World’s first ISP

10 Early USPs

ISP Facts for Kids

How the Internet works

What is a domain name?

How to block inappropriate Domain Name content (for parents)

How to pique students’ interest in learning”

How technology can motivate students


Servers explained

What is a server?

Types of web server

Server facts for kids

What is a web server?

Apache HTTP Server

Setting up a business server

How to setup a Minecraft server

Five reasons to make your own server

Set up your own web server

How to make a Minecraft server

Creating a Minecraft server

Home servers


Make your own parachute

Stem activities – parachutes

Different parachute types

Parachute design


Five parachute facts

How parachutes work

How parachutes work

Playtime with Parachutes: How they work

Materials used to make parachutes

How to make a parachute at home

The First Parachutist

History of the parachute

Experimental coding

Experimental Coding

Cryptography and Curiosity

The case for curiosity

Innovative programs pique student interest

Using technology to motivate students

Strategies to pique students’ interest in learning”

How to cultivate curiosity in the classroom

Engaging students by cultivating curiosity

How Clap Lights Work

Arduino project for making a light-activated switch

Clap switching specifications

How to make a clapping switch circuit

Clap-activated switch basics

What is a clap switch circuit?

Simple clap switch circuit project

Clap switches

Clap switch

Clap Switch

Music activated lights video

Minecraft Mods: The Aether

The Aether modpage

The Aether 2 modpage

The Aether”

Aether now with Minecraft

Minecraft Heaven

How to get Minecraft Aether dimension

How to make an Aether portal in Minecraft

Getting started with Aether


Monty Python Spam video

Origins of Spam in MUDs

How spam came to mean junk message


What does spam stand for?

History of Spam

Why junk email is spam



A brief history of spam

TinkerCAD Code Blocks

Quick start guide”

Learn to Design with Tinkercad

Codeblocks designs for 3D printing and laser cutting

Farming from space

Satellite imagery in agriculture

Satellite Data Solution for African Farmers

What is precision agriculture?

Farms being run from space

Farming tech with roots in space

Satellites used to enhance agriculture

How can satellites help with farming

Satellites making agriculture more efficient

What is Carbon Capture?

Climate change

Carbon Capture Explained

How does carbon capture work?

Carbon Capture

Can Carbon Capture Work?

Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage

Carbon capture and storage

Bill Gates backed carbon capture plants

carbon capture technology explained

New way to remove carbon dioxide from air

US plans to pull carbon out of air

Machines scrub greenhouse gases from air

Meet the Greenhouse Gases

Climate change video (for kids)

Climate basics for kids

carbon sequestration facts for kids

carbon capture explained

What can we do to help?

Carbon dioxide sink

Carbon dioxide can be stored underground

Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design definition

Guidelines for responsive web design

Responsive web design

10 basics of responsive web design

Web design course for kids

Website builder for kids

Trinket- Python

Put interactive python anywhere on the web

Trinket Project Page


Write your first program in Trinket

Teaching Python with Trinket

Getting Started with Trinket

Product Reviews for Trinket

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