Best Practices

The Many Uses of Digital Multimeters

You will be amazed by all the things you can do with multimeters!

Cryptography and Curiosity

Join our discussion on ciphers, both modern and ancient!

Advanced Online Search Techniques

Super-charge your searches online with these useful tips!

You Got ‘Rithm

What makes a good algorithm? Let's find out!

Choose Software to Code With

Learn about some of the different tools used by programmers.

The Imposters Among Us

Using the game Among Us to teach students about critical thinking both online and offline.


Exploring another one of programmings many strange sounding but useful terms!

How Data is Stored

What in the world is a video redundancy? Find out that and more in this crash course on encoding!

How to Do Online Research

Online research skills are critical for software programmers. It's how you learn any language, by searching for error messages and looking up reference material.

Tricky Technicians and Cybersecurity

How scammers can trick you into downloading malware onto your own computer.

How do Multiplayer Games Really Work?

Synchronizing games with players from all around the world is no easy task.

4 Free Python Tools

Resources to help you master programming without breaking the budget.

Spooky Sys Admin

Harness bash to become the ghost haunting your own computer.

How Secure is Your Web Browser?

A free online test service reveals how much personal data your web browser is giving away.

Coding Mistakes

Code can always be improved. Check out these tips to make you the best programmer you can be!

Coding is Good Review

It’s free, comprehensive, and available on-the-go. This cool app helps you master Python faster than ever before.

Command Line Interfaces (CLI)

Whiz around your computer’s folders and modify files at lightning speed like a pro.

Rubber Duck Debugging

Ducks, dolls, and other stuff make great programmers. Here's how it works.

Girls, Computers, and STEAM

Some ideas how to engage young women in computing and STEAM based on recent research.

Software that Teaches Itself

Smart software design makes it easy for you to learn how to use it without help.

Code Reviews

Code reviews help programmers improve their code and learn more about the software they build.

Version Control

How do you keep track of many people working on the same set of code?

How to Erase Your Hard Drive

Deleting files on your computer doesn't make them disappear.

9 Important Questions Parents Forget to Ask When Choosing a Tech Camp

It's almost time to think about summer tech camps if your kids are interested. Here are a few questions to ask.

Common Problems Programmers Face

Developers deal with common problems in their work. Here’s are a few problems and how to overcome them.

Key Skills Programmers Should Learn

There are several key skills that I believe you need to have if you want to be a software programmer.

How to be a Lousy Programmer

What makes a programmer lousy is a good way to identify what makes a programmer great.

What is VR Sickness?

Virtual reality has brought to the masses an old problem with flight simulators: what happens when our brain, ears, and eyes disagree?

My Invention Literacy Research

Teacher and librarian Colleen Graves describes her journey with her students learning about invention literacy.

5 Ways to Learn Programming Languages

If you are looking for ways to learn a new programming language or framework, here are my 5 suggestions.