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December 2022 Learn More Links

Tom Caswell on flickr

Add Styling and Multimedia to Twine Stories

Versions 1 and 2 of The Library Book


Harlowe Online Guide



Wix Web Hosting Code Generator

How Does DALL-E Work


DALL-E Mini by Craiyon

DALL-E Open AI Image Generator


DALL-E Art AI Generator


AI-Generated Picture Wins Art Prize

The Story Behind DALL-E Mini

Ten Best AI Text to Art Tools


What is DALL-E and How Does It Work

Together is Better

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual Aid 101

Groups Creating Tech for Mutual Aid

Resources for Making a Mutual Aid Network

Mutual Aid in Schools

Mutual Aid Set Up PDF

CS Gains Ground in Africa

Code For Change


Rwanda Creativity Lab

Rwanda Giga


Code Academy Uganda

Code Club Ghana

Coding Education for Ghana

Coding Caravan

Computer Science Education in Africa


High Tech Digs

Remote Sensing Definition

Space Archeologist Sarah Parcak

The Neyman-Scotts Process and the Qubbas

Deep Dive on the use of Satellites in Archeology

The Global Xlorer Digital Platform

National Geographic Article on Remote Sensing

Paleontology and Remote Sensing

The Beja People

Space Archaeology: Uncovering the Past

Lasers are driving a revolution in archaeology

Your Parents Holiday Gifts

Smart Toys

Teddy Ruxpin

Speak and Spell

Erector Set

Slot Car

Electronic Quarterback

Handheld Electronic Game


Game Watches

Game Watch



IEEE Engineering Milestones

Algae Burger With Extra Slime

Green Sludge that Could Transform our Diets

Four types of Edible Algae

Food of the Future

Algae as Human Food

10 Algae Health Benefits

Is Algae the Food of the Future?

Magic Crop for a Drought-Stricken World

Spirulina Health Benefits

Sea Greens 101

Good for You Sea Vegetables

What is algae and should you eat it?

A Simple Guide to Eating Algae

Nature Gets a QR boost

8 Uses of QR Codes in Marketing

Forty Innovative Uses of QR codes

8 Fun Things to Do With QR Codes

30 Creative Uses of QR Codes

How to Create a QR Code

Five Ways to Generate QR Codes

QR Code Monkey

QR Code

How Do QR Codes Work?

How to Scan and Make Your Own QR Code

15 Creative Crazy Cool QR Code Designs

Best QR Code Generators: 2022

QR Codes for Kids

QR Codes for Kids

Five Creative Uses for QR Codes

Auto-code in Stardew Valley

What is Autocoding

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley on STEAM

Stardew Valley Wiki?

Stardew Valley Trailer

Stardew Valley


How to Install SMAPI and Mods

Launch SMAPI Using Steam for Stardew Valley

Get Started with OpenSCAD 3D


What is OpenSCAD

OpenSCAD vs. FreeCAD

OpenSCAD Beginner Tutorial


Advantages and Disadvantages of CAD

Six Best Child-Friendly CAD Tools

Computer-Aided-Design Facts for Kids

TIC 80 All-Stars

TIC 80

What is TIC-80?

Ruby, Lua, or Java for TIC 80

TIC 80: Learn to Program Games

Animated Sprite in TIC 80


Fennel: A Lisp for Lua

Fennel Programming Language


Fennel: A Lisp Language for Lua Programming

Learn Lisp

Introduction to Lisp

Lisp Programming Language


Lua Programming Language

Lua in 100 Seconds

Difference between Python and Lua

Go Rogue with Minecraft Modpack



Convert Binary to ASCII

How hard drives work

Binary Language Explained

Binary Code

Language of computers

English to Binary Translator

How to Understand Binary Code

Number Bases

Number bases

Teaching Binary Code with a Secret Word Challenge

Binary Code

Weave a Secret Binary Code

Alan Turing Binary Code on New £50 Note

Convert Text to Binary

Binary Code for “I Love You”

Thinking Like A Computer

Loops, A Fairy Tale

Algorithm Design

Python For Loops

For Loop

Nested For Loops

Looping in Programming Languages

Lessons from the Analog Age

Jacquard Machine

Jacquard Loom, National Museum of Scotland

How the Jacquard Loom Led to Computer Technology

Analytical Engine

Punch Cards

Punch Cards for Data Processing

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

Tide-Predicting Machine (Old Brass Brains)

AI/ML – On the Brink of Thinking

What is artificial intelligence and how is it used?

Machine Learning

Types of Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Kids

Can Computers Think?

Can Computers Think?

Strong AI

Strong AI vs. Weak AI

AI vs. Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

Can Computers Think Like Humans?

How Computers Can Think for Themselves