Coding Concepts Articles for Kids

A Family Heirloom… Computer?

Join the movement that wants to extend the lifetime of computers!

Give it the Boot!

Who knew that computers even had boots?

Dithering Down on Images

Learn how dithering images makes them more compressible!

Color My World

En-lighten yourself with the basics of how light works!


Check out this quick guide on how to make your very own server!

How Browsers Find Websites

Learn what a DNS is and how it's so critical to how the internet works!

What’s a Computer Worm?

Some worms crawl through your computer instead of the ground, let's learn about them!

You Got ‘Rithm

What makes a good algorithm? Let's find out!

What is Design?

Design is about solving problems, from donuts to race cars, how we eat to what to wear in cold weather.

How Computers Make Sound

Learn how computers are able to create sound for all your favorite movies and music!

Computers and Pronouns

Check out how scientists are using the Winograd Schema Challenge to make smarter computers!

Simulations Make It Real, or Not

Learn about the importance of simulations, one the coolest types of technology around!

G Whiz 5G?

What is a G and why do we have 5 of them now? Find out through this quick history of cellular data!

What are Keywords in Programming Languages?

Everyone knows the difference between saying, “Let’s eat, grandma!” and “Let’s eat grandma!” Computers don't.

Code Golf

Problems software programmers can do to practice their skills, from beginner to advanced.

Be a Good Digital Citizen

Whenever you're online there are always some basic rules you should be aware.

There’s a RAM in my PC

Sadly your computer doesn't have a tiny sheep in it, but what it does have is pretty neat!

Quantum Logic Gates

Diving back into logic gates and quantum computing!

Quantum Computing Gateways

Ever wonder how your computer processor works? And how that might impact quantum computing hardware?

Hard Drives

Exploring another weird tech term! This time we are looking at hard disk drives!

Internet Over Radio

In the time before WIFI there was Amateur Radio. Get your call signs ready!

The Imposters Among Us

Using the game Among Us to teach students about critical thinking both online and offline.

The Emoji Generator

Learn how to use conditional statements to generate different emojis!

The Double Slit Experiment

Quantum experiments, ripples and particle waves! Get ready to learn more about the weird world of quantum physics!

Daemons in my PC

No need to douse your computer in holy water, these daemons are friendly!

What is Quantum Computing?

What is a qbit and how can it potentially change the world? Find out as we explore quantum computing!

Pixel Art History

Learn how you can trace the origins of pixel art all the way back to the mid-1800s!

Trojan Horses

Find out what a giant wooden horse and your cyber security have in common!

Zip Files

Zip Zop Zoom! Learn the super cool logic behind 'ZIP' Files!