Choose Software to Code With

Learn about some of the different tools used by programmers.

Open Source Projects

Looking to put your programming skills to the test? It may be time to join an open-source project!

Quantum Logic Gates

Diving back into logic gates and quantum computing!

Quantum Computing Gateways

Ever wonder how your computer processor works? And how that might impact quantum computing hardware?

How Data is Stored

What in the world is a video redundancy? Find out that and more in this crash course on encoding!

Math Proofs and Computers

Welcome to the weird world of experimental math proofs!

Recursion: Following the Shape of Data

Breaking down big problems into smaller ones is a great way to solve them. Let's see how recursion helps us do this!

Binary Riddles

Binary might be the language of the computer, but we humans can use it to decode secret messages.


Check out this nifty feature that helps programs distinguish between variables with different scopes.

Turtle Solar System

Are you ready to create your virtual own solar system? With a little Python code and a little math, the sky’s the limit!

Adding Types to Untyped Languages

Sometimes, even the most dynamic languages need to classify and check data. Now, you can add your own types to any language!

Graphics Cards

Why does your computer need special hardware to render graphics? And what’s the deal with all those pixels, anyways?


This spiffy new programming language combines the best of typed and untyped languages.


Dive into this exciting new language and learn how to manage computer memory without giving yourself a headache!


It’s time for a throw back to old school programming. Dive into the nuts and bolts of coding instructions!

Cordoba Tiles

Create colourful geometric patterns in SketchUp inspired by the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Can Software Write Itself?

Part philosophical paradox, part coding puzzle, quines are sure to tease and challenge your brain!

Rock Paper Scissors

An old classic with a electronic twist, featuring JavaScript and micro:bit.

Lambda Calculus

It’s a programming language unlike any you’ve seen before. Check out this symbolic system designed for mathematical calculations.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Part II

Take your CLI skills to the next level as you combine, redirect, and script commands.


It looks like JavaScript, has a Python aesthetic, and integrates easily with C/C++. Meet Lua: a scripting language for fantasy computers.


Two small projects introducing you to Edublocks, a language that bridges the gap between Scratch and Python.

Escher Tiles

Use SketchUp to create dizzying patterns and shapes, Escher-style.

Sith Detector

Use micro:bit and cardboard to create a Jedi knight that sounds the alarm when evil approaches!

DIY Echo Home Speaker

Build your own voice-controlled digital assistant with a Raspberry Pi and an analog speaker.

PyGame (or Godot)

Dive into the nitty-gritty of game-making with this popular Python library.

Laser Burglar Alarm

Protect your home with micro:bit!

Build a Programming Language, Part III

Add data types to your new programming language in this third installment of the series.

Kotlin: A New(-ish) Kid on the Block

An introduction to a hip new alternative to Java. It’s all the rage in android development!

10 FREE Web Developer Tools

Resources to transform you into a web virtuoso, from messaging apps to testers to code converters.