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STEM/STEAM Resources

These pages provide links to a wide range of software programming and computer science resources for students. Links provide more information about specific topics, for example, to learn about a programming language or find languages geared towards kids K-6, as well as links to learn more about computer science concepts and best practices. Links are at the discretion of the editor. And any conflicts of interest are noted. Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated!

Coding Schools

Over 30 different online schools and tutorial sites to learn software programming.


Sites with links to curriculum materials for computer science and software programming.


Includes languages geared towards Education and Lua, PHP, and Python.


Groups with a focus on computer science and software programming, as well as advocacy to encourage women and minorities to participate in STEM, including software programming and computer science.


Online and print publications that cover software programming and computer science resources for students.

Software Programming Tools

Links to over 20 different software programming tools, as well as a comparison page.


Interesting blogs and websites maintained by teachers who teach software programming and computer science.

Technology Summer Camps

A comprehensive list of big and small tech summer camps, as well as ideas how to find local options and what questions to ask to evaluate camps.