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World Gen Mods Ramp Up Minecraft Play

Oh the Biomes You'll Go on Curseforge

Minecraft is awesome for making a new world in a flash; just start a new game and a world is generated, right there and then. But because algorithms dictate the world in Minecraft, there’s a limit to the number of biomes and land shapes it can generate. If you play a lot (and we mean a lot!) you’ll eventually start recognizing what parts were generated and how. Fortunately, you can add a bit of spice to your next world with world gen mods.

These mods are tailored to adjust how Minecraft generates worlds, adding new things that the default game can’t do. Each world generation mod adds different things. Some create new biomes with unique shapes and landscapes, and some add new plants and stones for you to harvest. But all of them share the common goal of adding somewhere new to explore.

The best part is, that each world generation mod works differently and to different degrees. You can download a mod that drastically changes the world or one that just adds a little extra flavor. You can use mods that add realistic biomes or ones you can only find in fantasy.

Take for example the modpack aptly named “Oh The Biomes You’ll Go”. This modpack adds a ton of cool and realistic biomes to the overworld, from rose fields to coniferous forests. The changes aren’t drastic, but they’re enough to breathe life into the game and inspire you to build in the beautiful biomes it generates.

However, it also adds new Nether biomes, and these are much more fantastical. From a creepy and withered abyss to biomes covered in lava, these additions are as deadly as they are amazing to look at.

If you want something more exciting while you mine for diamonds, you may prefer Terralith. This modpack has biome generation specific for caves, so the underground is just as exciting as the overground. Dig deep and you’ll find underground jungles and spider-infected caves; dig even deeper and you’ll hit caves lit up by crystals and huge lava pools.

That’s not to say all of Terralith can be found underground. On the surface, you’ll find Sakura groves, mountain ranges, and desert canyons. Go into the air and you’ll find floating islands, each featuring a biome related to a specific season.

Best of all, some of these modpacks can be used in conjunction with one another. For example, the two we covered just now can be used side-by-side, so you don’t have to pick and choose which biomes you want the most. If you get the right mix of modpacks, you may make a world where finding every biome is a mammoth task by itself.

World gen mods play nice with other mods that add items and monsters to the game, so you’ll often see them in premade modpacks. But nothing is stopping you from customizing your own world generation with a select choice of world gen mods.

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