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Update: Your beanz Magazine Subscription


Until recently, I published beanz, the kids computing magazine. I want to give you an update with a few options. Unfortunately, after 11 years of publishing, I hit my limits for funding the magazine with business debt and my personal savings. I had to stop publication of the print magazine.

As a prior active subscriber, I have added you to our magazine website with 1200+ STEM articles. I also have added you to an email newsletter that will carry on most of what beanz did: provide STEM/STEAM information for kids, parents, teachers, and librarians.

Instead of six issues a year, the newsletter emails will arrive two times a week. The Wednesday emails will have mostly links to STEM/STEAM news items, articles, tutorials, profiles, and more. The Sunday emails will be our popular Tidbitz section: links to fun and quirky articles about technology. The emails are for subscribers only. I’ve added you as a full subscriber, no charge, for as long as you like. You’re welcome to unsubscribe any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

The newsletter is called 30 STEM Links and will start publication this Wednesday, April 10th. It can be found at https://30STEMLinks.com.

Our last magazine issue is up online. If you want to access all the articles, please go to https://KidsCodeCS.com/login and use your email address with the Forget Password link to set a password you can remember. And if you have any problems, please email me at .

Thank you for your interest. I apologize again for having to close the magazine after 11 years. I reached my personal limits for debt and financial contributions over the past five years as we tried to scale. Hopefully, the email newsletter will be equally or more useful to you and the kids in your life.

Tim Slavin