Computer Programming Projects & Puzzles for Kids

An Apple a Day…

Use Mini Micro to quickly make a videogame!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Not sure what you will do this summer? We have some ideas!

Where in the World am I?

Check out our tips on how to max out your score in Geoguesser!

Responsive Web Design Using Grid View

Level up your web design skills with Grid-View!

Move Over, James Bond. OSINT Is Here

Move over James Bond, there is a new super spy in town!


Test out your crafting skills by making a parachute!

Introducing Mini Micro

Come explore the world of virtualization, where there are computers inside computers!

Glitch Art of Corruption

Learn how you can corrupt images to make art!

Phone Sensors with Smarts

Your phone is a really neat piece of technology! Let's explore some of the sensor tech found inside.

A Pico Temperature Sensor Project

Time to warm up the Raspberry pi for another delicious project!

Draw with ASCII Keyboard Characters

It's fun and easy to create ASCII art with your computer keyboard, a text editor, and your imagination. Here are ideas to get started.

Code Trees with Pyret

Why find the perfect Christmas tree when you can make it?

Coding With Hydra

Looking for a way to liven up your coding sessions? Check out our Hydra workshop!

Unbreakable Random Codes

Do you have a secret you want to pass to your friend? Try using a 'one time pad' code!

Create Hot Lava with Piskel

Make your own lava block with this fun project!

Geocache on Mars

Geocaching is a fun activity here on Earth. Now you can geocache on Mars. And the International Space Station.

Create Scratch Backgrounds

Love pixel art? Why not try making some of your own!

How to Solder LEDs

New project alert! This time we are building transistors, a critical piece of any modern electronic device!

Soldering 101

Class is back in session and this time we will be learning the basics of soldering!

What’s that Bird?

Are you an avid bird watcher and/or interested in nature conservation? Then the ebird app may be perfect for you!

Make Pixel Art

Make your own pixel art masterpiece with this tutorial!

The Emoji Generator

Learn how to use conditional statements to generate different emojis!

Limor Fried

Learn how Limor Fried turned her tinkering hobby into a multi-million dollar company!

February 2021 Learn More Links

Links from the bottom of all the February 2021 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Piezo Microphones

Learn how to make a contact microphone for picking up the vibrations in your sonic experiments!

Create a Pinwheel

A fun SketchUp walk-through for pinwheel enthusiasts!

STEAM Gift Guide for 2020

25+ ideas for STEAM-theme gifts for kids of all ages!

Roll a Story

Get ready to roll the dice with this fun programming exercise!

Build a Paper House

Grab you scissors and glue, its time for a fun SketchUp Craft!

Sprouts and Graph Theory

How can we apply the Konigsberg Bridge problem to real life and even make a game out of it? With Spouts of course!