Stories about the history of computer science and software programming.

What’s the Point?!

Exploring the relationship between operators, negation, and exclamation points!

Flower Power and Colossus

Meet a 'Colossus' in the world of early encryption!

G Whiz 5G?

What is a G and why do we have 5 of them now? Find out through this quick history of cellular data!

Textiles and Text Files

Join us as we weave together how looms and binary data are comparable!

Old Retro Web Browsers

Learn about the history of the world wide web and how browsers have evolved over time.

3D Rendered Future Worlds

Learn about the first time CGI was ever used for animation!

Charles Babbage

What do cow catchers, an angry government and an early version of a modern computer have in common?

How Did Computers Get Here?

Learn how our ancestors calculated complex problems prior to modern computing technology!

The Double Slit Experiment

Quantum experiments, ripples and particle waves! Get ready to learn more about the weird world of quantum physics!

Limor Fried

Learn how Limor Fried turned her tinkering hobby into a multi-million dollar company!

What is Quantum Computing?

What is a qbit and how can it potentially change the world? Find out as we explore quantum computing!

Pixel Art History

Learn how you can trace the origins of pixel art all the way back to the mid-1800s!


Find out how people are saving classic games through restoration and archiving!

Trojan Horses

Find out what a giant wooden horse and your cyber security have in common!

Zip Files

Zip Zop Zoom! Learn the super cool logic behind 'ZIP' Files!

The Victorian Internet

Learn about some of the ways people use to communicate before the internet!

The Small Internet

From gopherspace to geminispace, the small internet is a lot bigger than you think!

Eternal Batteries

What could we accomplish if batteries lasted forever? These two companies want to find out!

Leonhard Euler

Meet one of modern mathematics greatest contributors, Leonhard Euler!

How Did Wi-Fi Get Its Name?

Wi-Fi is a weird word for sure! But what does it really mean?

Eugene Kaspersky

Learn how Eugene Kaspersky turned his antivirus making hobby into so much more!

Why is Google Called Google?

No need to "Google" the origins of Google, we did the research for you!

What was the First Computer Virus?

This month we will exploring the history of the first computer virus, and it is a creepy one!

History of Zero

Computers would not exist without this number which has an interesting history.


Two satellites in identical orbits help measure the Earth with a unique plaque for future Earthlings.

Windows? Shut the Front Door!

Join us as we explore the weird history of Windows in computers!

Why Are Computer Mice Called That?

Have you ever wondered why your computer's mouse is called that? Well it all started with a fellow named Douglas and a block of wood...

Programming Memes

A fun, silly way to share your coding trials and triumphs with friends — because everything is better with kittens!

The First Computors

Six women were hired to use their math skills to program the ENIAC computer. They called themselves The First Programmers Club.

Video Game Light Guns

In the old days, before video game systems had cameras and sensors, programmers had to get creative.