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You’ve got questions? We have (a few) answers.

Where Can I Login and Log out?

The login URL is https://KidsCodeCS.com/login. If needed, use the Forget Password link to reset your password.

What’s the Name of the Email Newsletter again?

We continue the spirit of beanz magazine through an email newsletter, 30 STEM Links (https://30STEMLinks.com). We send two emails a week — on Wednesdays and Sundays — with 30+ links to STEM articles, tutorials, resources, news, profiles, and more. You’re welcome to join us there.

How Do I Get Help?

Email us your information at .

What’s the Age for your magazine?

That’s an interesting question. The official answer is ages 8-12+. The reality is much more unexpected. While kids read and tell us they love our magazine, it’s parents, relatives, teachers, librarians, and other adults who often subscribe as a way to learn alongside kids in their lives. And, of course, teachers and librarians subscribe often to help with curriculum or reinforce what they teach and STEAM events they hold for kids.