June 2014 News Wire

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Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for the months of June/July 2014. More stories can be found at the News Wire link at the top of every page of this site.

3D Printing Obi Wan’s Light Saber


A $250 3D Printer with Breakthrough Software


The Mystery of Go, the Ancient Game That Computers Still Can't Win


Notation, notation, notation: a brief history of mathematical symbols


NASA hands space enthusiasts the keys to a 1970s-era spacecraft


Introducing Otto: The Hackable, Raspberry Pi-Powered GIF Camera

Otto is the first commercial product built on the new Raspberry Pi Compute module.

Algorithm Reveals Link Between Sour Cream And Traffic Accidents


Meet Flux, an App That Designs Sustainable Cities at Hyperspeeds


Here's How People 100 Years Ago Thought We'd Be Living Today


How Much Will It Cost to Solve Climate Change?


Why bad scientific code beats code following “best practices”


A county's only unsolved murder has a victim without a digital footprint



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    Tim is an award-winning writer and technologist who enjoys teaching tech to non-technical people. He has many years experience with web sites and applications in business, technical, and creative roles. He and his wife have two kids, now teenagers, who are mad about video games.

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Summer Tech Camps and Local Groups

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Github Basics

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Create ASCII Art

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If you’re not failing 90% of the time, then you’re probably not working on sufficiently challenging problems.

June 2014 Learn More Links

Links from the bottom of all the June/July 2014 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

June 2014 News Wire

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for the months of June/July 2014.


Mindstorms, Sphero, and Robot Turtles engage kids (and families) in playing while also teaching computer science and programming.

Describe an Object, Multiplying Numbers

Computational thinking projects help you to solve problems in ways used to create software, as well as problems in real life.

Count Dots, The Orange Game, Santa’s Dirty Socks

These hands on projects teach computer science concepts without a computer. Plus links to many more projects.

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