February 2019 News Wire

Interesting stories about science and technology for February 2019.

Rome Reborn

Ever want to fly over ancient Rome to see what people saw and where they lived nearly 2000 years ago? A two-hour virtual reality tour lets you fly around animations of the ancient buildings and statues. There also are a number of videos with amazing recreations.


Augmented Reality Tech Helps Blind By Making Objects Talk

A new headset called CARA helps blind people navigate new spaces by having objects say what they are, for example, a door on the right or a chair in front of them. The computer in the headset recognizes objects then says their names.


NASA Live Views of Earth

The NASA channel on YouTube includes an updated high definition video feed from cameras attached to the International Space Station. Make the video full screen on your computer and watch as the earth rolls past with clouds, oceans and lakes, and land.



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Interesting stories about science and technology for February 2019.

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