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For kids and long time software programmers, coding can be fun for many reasons. It’s fun to tweak code to get different results. It’s exciting to type a few lines of code and see something happen on a computer screen. These experiences never get old.

CodeGuppy is an online website geared towards making coding fun. There’s dozens of tutorials to create games, from the simple to complex. Each tutorial includes elements that can be dragged and dropped. Images and assets are provided. Kids and their adults can type code and see immediate results.

Where other coding sites focus on objectives, usually to teach coding as a career skill, CodeGuppy has no quizzes or milestones. Instead, you learn to code by picking fun tutorials then typing code and dragging assets to complete them. Learning happens over time working with many tutorials. And tweaking is easy once you grasp how a piece of code functions.

All projects use the JavaScript p5.js library so code complexity is hidden unless you want or need it. To introduce beginners to text coding, especially if you started with Scratch or similar, the website also includes a Draw with Code option. There’s also tutorials with turtles. Over time, you graduate to text coding.

Once you’re comfortable with basic coding, CodeGuppy also has tutorials that can include other tutorials, the way real programs use code libraries to add functionality easily.

Best of all, if you create something really fun and amazing, you can include your tutorial on a website or blog to show it off.

CodeGuppy can be found online at codeguppy.com.

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