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Yellowstone National Park on Flickr

Links from the bottom of all the February 2021 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Solderpunk Interview

Edward Snowden and issues of privacy

Cobalt and sustainable batteries

Project Gemini

Gemini Protocol

A Look back at Gopher

Goldy Gopher

sustainable computing

Ultimate guide to green computing

Five ways to practice green computing


Games in Flash


SNES Classic vs super nt,review-5145.html


Resurrecting 1980s computers

backup vs. archive

Art Museum

Interactive virtual art exhibition

Building a museum

Sketchup art project

Mona Lisa

Louvre Museum

Inform 7 Interactive Stories

Inform 7 website

interactive fiction archive

Beginner’s Guide to Inform 7

Writing Interactive Fiction

Inform 6 website

Introduction to Inform 7

Interactive Fiction Competition


A Brief History of Zork


Top Interactive fiction games for kids

Interactive fiction in the classroom

Piezo Mircophones

Making a contact microphone

Make a contact mic

What is a contact microphone

DYI contact mics

Cyber Surgery

first 5G remote surgery

5G remote surgery

5G-Powered Medical Robot

Remote surgery

Surgeon operates from 400km away

Telesurgery: past, present and future

Robotic surgery during COVID

Medical robots

Social Distant surgery

5G remote surgery

Remote brain surgery

Dark Patterns

Ethics in mobile app design

Moral implications of Apps

Why ethical App design is critical

Ethics standards and security protocols

No Code Low Code

No Code development platform

No Code technology

The No Code Generation

No Code Overview

Create a software app

No Code Low Code

Victorian Internet

The Victorian Internet

Pneumatics in New York City

How pneumatic transportation works

Pneumatics in Prague

Pneumatics in the library

Stanford University Hospital

USPS History

Ancient delivery systems

Freight pipelines (The Mole)

Future Delivery Systems

ZIP files

How File Compression Works

Phillip Katz

How to open a zip file

Working with Zip files

History of Data compression

Principles of data compression

Guide to Data Compression

ARC format

Data Compression for kids

Data compression – NASA

Trojan Horses

Trojan Horse (Historical)

Trojan Horse (Virus)

What is a Trojan Virus?

What is the Trojan Horse Virus?

How does a Trojan Horse work?

What is a Trojan Horse?

Is the Trojan Horse real?

Trojan Horse story for kids

Trojan Horse

Understanding Trojan viruses


Fork in software development

Fork vs. distribution

Open Source Projects – fork

What is open source code

Is your code dry or wet?

How to keep your code dry

Learning programming

Python Programming for Beginners

Book review

Patricia Foster

Computer Science Unplugged Resources

Teaching London Computing

CS Unplugged

Barefoot Computing

You’ll need to register to see their materials but they’re a big part of the Computing at School (CAS) effort in the UK and teaching computer science without computers.

STEM Learning

Also requires registration to see their materials.


Fork (Software Development)

Fork (Software Process)

To Fork or Not to Fork

10 Interesting Open Source Software Forks and Why They Happened

A Comprehensive Study of Software Forks: Dates, Reasons, and Outcomes

Fork (Utensil)

Why Open Source Software

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Also In The February 2021 Issue

Low code and no code software makes it possible for non-technical people to create software.

Learn how to program through a series of fun and dynamic activities in Patricia Foster's book!

Learn how to make a contact microphone for picking up the vibrations in your sonic experiments!

If you can't go out to an art museum, then bring the art museum to you using Sketchup!

Find out how people are saving classic games through restoration and archiving!

Find out what a giant wooden horse and your cyber security have in common!

Learn about some of the ways people use to communicate before the internet!

An interview with Solderpunk about the inspiration and the creation of Gemini!

Forks are used in software development to describe how projects and software work.

Computer science unplugged teaches how computers and computer science works, without the use of computers.

Links from the bottom of all the February 2021 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Interesting stories about science and technology for February 2021.