Tech in Real Life (IRL)

Art and Computing

Join us as we explore how computers and people can create art differently!

Beam Me a Soda

Learn how sports and technology are becoming more and more linked!

Covid Vaccines and IoT

Learn how the IoT is helping with COVID-19 vaccine!

Bat Backpacks

Learn how the IoT is being used to study animals as big as elephants and as small as bats!

The Imposters Among Us

Using the game Among Us to teach students about critical thinking both online and offline.

What’s that Bird?

Are you an avid bird watcher and/or interested in nature conservation? Then the ebird app may be perfect for you!

Cyber Surgery

Learn how 5G is helping surgeons perform surgery from the other side of the globe!

Computer Model Saves World

Desertification in the Sahel is a serious issue, but this model may offer a solution!

Storing Data in Space

This time around we are taking the Internet of Things into space!

Math Proofs and Computers

Welcome to the weird world of experimental math proofs!

Parker Solar Probe

Meet the Parker Solar Probe, the suns personal photographer!

IoT in the Driver’s Seat

Check out how the IoT is helping virologists combat the spread of COVID-19!

Smart Street Lights

How do street lights know when to turn on? And what’s in store for the street lights of the future?

Gas Stations in Space

Learn how rockets may soon be able to refuel in 0G. Next stop: Mars!

Cell Towers

Explore the past of cellular technology, and take a peek into its future.

Portland HOP

With these new high-tech cards, public transit is easier than ever.

Autonomous Driving in Today’s Cars

Our cars aren’t quite driving themselves, but they can help us park and avoid collisions.