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Smart Start to Summer Fun

Looking for smart ways to make the most of your summer?

Questions to Ask Summer Tech Camps

The iDTech summer camp recently posted 102 questions. Here are a few with links to the full list.

Sundials and Watches

Sundials were one of the first ways people kept track of time. But how did they work?

5 Computer Books for Programming

Being well-read is essential in everything in life, and coding is no exception! Here are some book recommendations to make you a coding master.

If you like ships, then you’ll love this easy-to-use website that keeps track of seafaring vessels around the world. Bonus: it helps prevent maritime collisions!

IoT and Schools

How the Internet of Things could improve education, from VR to accessibility to facial recognition.

December 2019 Notebook 1

500 words Learn More

Visual Storytelling Apps

Visual storytelling apps are a great way for kids to document and explore their lives.

STEAM Gift Guide

30+ ideas for STEAM-theme gifts for kids of all ages!

STEAM Summer Reading List

Spend those lazy summer days curled up with great stories about science & tech.

Conway’s Game of Life

Can we make a computer using only three simple rules?

Chicago USO Event

Helping kids fall in love with coding through Minecraft mods and Raspberry Pis.

Automobile Computers

For twenty years, since 1996, cars have used computers to control different parts of the car.

How to Recycle Electronics

Throwing your old tech in the trash is bad for the environment. Check out some safer, cleaner alternatives.

Google Deep Dream

A clever AI is creating twisted, surreal art. Math or magic?

STEAM Board Games

Grab your friends & disconnect from the digital world with these fun science & tech board games.

STEAM Gift Ideas

Find perfect and fun gifts for your loved ones that teach STEAM concepts and skills.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Part II

Take your CLI skills to the next level as you combine, redirect, and script commands.

The Architecture of Radio

A phone and tablet app exposes the invisible world of radio, phone, and satellite waves that connect our computers.

Awesome Summer Camps to Consider

6 hands-on STEM camps and clubs to join this summer.

PyWeek Game Jam Report

Seven days to design, code, and debug a program with PyGame. What could go wrong?

10 FREE Web Developer Tools

Resources to transform you into a web virtuoso, from messaging apps to testers to code converters.

STEAM Gift Guide 2017

30+ ideas for all age holiday gifts, from books to apps to board games to VR and more.

Don’t Feed the Trolls

There's lots you can do make your online experiences enjoyable AND safe.

Shadow Pictures

These three dimensional objects are 3D printed and cast images when light shines through them.

Visions of Numberland

An amazing new book turns math problems into shapes and illustrations.


This iPad app is a creative tool kids can use to explore and record what they learn in school.

Erase All Kittens

A new version of a fun Mario-like game that teaches kids coding has been released. Learn HTML and save kittens!

Your Digital Footprint

Surveillance cameras, satellites, RFID tags, and social media activities all create unique digital footprints.

Scratch Coding Cards

These cards are a fun way to learn Scratch, look up how to do things, and make applications.