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How to Recycle Electronics

Jeff Kubina on Flickr

With the holidays almost upon us, chances are you will get new electronics, maybe a computer or a Switch or other game system. What do you do with your old electronics? Or maybe you don’t need the latest electronics and wonder where you can find reliable used equipment.

Electronics recycling centers are both a place to recycle your electronics safely and, in some cases, repair technology for sale. Many will erase your hard drives to protect your privacy.

In the US, start with the EPA website to find locations and search online with the phrase, electronic recycling centers. Other countries have similar websites. Staples, Gamestop, and other stores also recycle. So do Apple and Dell. Look around and make a few phone calls.

Recycling electronics also is a great way to conserve energy and resources, as well as reduce pollution. For example, the EPA says recycling a million laptops would save the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3500 homes.

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