Your Parents Holiday Gifts

Enter the way back machine and learn about some of the toys that your parents may have grown up with!

Nature Gets a QR Boost

Meet the point where your love of hiking and technology meet.

Think Like a Computer

You don't need wires and circuits to learn to think like a computer

CS Gains Ground in Africa

Learn how kids are falling in love with computer science in Africa

Go Rogue with Minecraft Modpack

Show off your Minecraft fighting skills with these RAD mods

Add Styling and Multimedia to Twine Stories

Spice up your storytelling with these multimedia elements!

Get Started with OpenSCAD 3D

Learn the basics of OpenSCAD 3D in this fun lab

Together is Better

Take a bite out of this story on how technology is being used to help communities come together!

High Tech Digs

Check out how archeologists are using satellites to help them undercover ancient wonders!


Learn the deceptively complex language that is binary code

How Does DALL-E Work?

AI-generated art can be truly bizarre, but how does it work?

Algae Burger, with Extra Slime

Move over Krabby Paddy, algae burger is coming through!

Tic-80 All Stars

No need for a telescope or a night sky for this stary night coding lab!

Auto-Code in Stardew Valley

Add a robotic helper to your Stardew Valley farm with Miniscript!

Lessons from Analog Age

Join us as we weave together the story of the invention that inspired the first computers and so much more.

Farming from Space

Learn how we are using satellites to help farmers grow food more effectively!

What is Design?

Design is about solving problems, from donuts to race cars, how we eat to what to wear in cold weather.

Choose Software to Code With

Learn about some of the different tools used by programmers.

Amazon Go, Cashiers Gone

Learn how Amazon is running its stores without any cashiers!

Computers and Pronouns

Check out how scientists are using the Winograd Schema Challenge to make smarter computers!

Code Trees with Pyret

Why find the perfect Christmas tree when you can make it?

Meet Sam Henry

Check out our interview with Sam Henry, the programmer who coded Noah Text!

Simulations Make It Real, or Not

Learn about the importance of simulations, one the coolest types of technology around!

Scratch Fractured Fairy Tales

Join us for the next installment of our Fractured Fairy Tales Scratch series!

Coding With Hydra

Looking for a way to liven up your coding sessions? Check out our Hydra workshop!

Zooming Towards Peace

Learn how video platforms like Zoom are being used to further Peacebuilding during the pandemic!

Art and Computing

Join us as we explore how computers and people can create art differently!

Textiles and Text Files

Join us as we weave together how looms and binary data are comparable!

Beam Me a Soda

Learn how sports and technology are becoming more and more linked!

Lessons from Mars

Discussing the importance of presenting problem-solving to students as a process.