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Sharpen Minecraft Skills with RAD 2

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If you are familiar with the free-to-play MMO, Runescape, you know your character must reach a specific level of skill (i.e. magic, woodcutting) in order to use the tools related to that skill. Whereas in Minecraft you can use tools freely without meeting goals, which is fun, but less of a challenge. Adding Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2 (known as just “RAD 2”) to Minecraft changes all that.

RAD 2 adds a Runescape-like system to Minecraft which stops you from using items that are past your level. Found a diamond helmet in the early game? Try putting it on. It will only fall off as your character doesn’t have the skill to wear it yet. Weapons and tools are the same, needing specific levels in certain skills to become usable.

Working hard to be able to use your tools may not sound like fun, at first. But, if you enjoy this kind of character progression, it can feel very rewarding. RAD 2 breaks down everything you can do in Minecraft into skills, from attacking to farming to casting spells.

The higher the levels get, the more you can do. This does mean that, from the very start, you’ll be stuck with wooden items and leather armor for a bit. And any powerful loot you find will have level requirements before you can use it. But the skill system does make everything you do feel worthwhile.

Sleep Tight or Fight?

Without RAD 2, fighting creatures in Minecraft feels like a chore. You usually only fight them as a necessity; otherwise, you either avoid them or sleep in a bed to prevent them from spawning at night. But with RAD 2, every fight is a chance to level up your skills. You can level your Attack with swords, zap them from afar, and train your Magic, and even if you get hit, your Endurance increases and allows you to wear better armor. As such, you’ll always be looking for monsters to fight so you can level up your skills. 

The “Dungeons” part of Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2’s features mods that generate lots of dungeons, towers, and structures you can raid for loot. And the more you plunder, the more powerful you get through skills alone.

Mod Mixing

The modpack allows you to specialize in a specific skill area. Whichever one you pick, the game will give you a medal that boosts EXP gain in those skills and gives you some nice equipment to get you started. That way, if you want to achieve a specific goal in the modpack, you can hone in on the one area you want to explore and level it up super quickly.

RAD 2 also mixes in some mods to help change things up. It features “Oh the Biomes You’ll Go”, which adds a load of new biomes for you to explore and venture through. And “YUNG’s Better Portals” makes exploring the Nether a lot more fun, as the only way to escape it is to assemble a beacon using gold blocks.

So if you’re tired of speedrunning endgame gear within an hour of starting a new world, give RAD 2 a try. While it does slow things down, it also means that every action you take, no matter how small, will help build your character up in the long run.

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