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Minecraft Makeover

Vahid Kazemi on Flickr

Minecraft is a great game with some amazing modpacks. But, if you’re using a high-end PC, face it, the graphics can be uninspiring. However, using a little bit more of your system’s resources, you can add “shader mods,” like Optifine to enhance and optimize your game’s visuals.

With Optifine you can tweak what settings you want to enable or disable. Want to max out your graphics? Turn on all of the extra features and make Minecraft look better than ever. Want better performance? Keep the enhancing mods off, enable the FPSboosting tools, and get more out of your game.

Cumulus Correction

If you want a “better-looking Minecraft” without harming performance, you can give Solas Shader a try. The team behind this modpack has worked hard to ensure it runs on low-end software, so you can get better results without needing powerful hardware. 

For example, Solas Shader replaces those blocky clouds hanging overhead with beautiful, realistic-looking tufts. The shader also adds rays of light through windows and a beautiful water system that looks a great deal better than Minecraft’s default flat oceans.

But Solas Shader shines the most when you’re on the overworld by adding the Milky Way and the aurora borealis to the night sky. And when you’re in The End, the mod replaces the boring background with a beautiful night-like scene.

BSL Bonus

If you want a shader pack that can do it all, then try BSL Shaders. It is highly customizable with a wide range of effects you can apply or remove on a whim. Want enhanced clouds and water? BSL Shaders does that. Not a fan of them? Turn them back off and use the rest of what the shader mod has to offer

What really stands out with BSL Shaders are the additional shaders that come with it. For instance, you can enable the cel-shading feature to make your Minecraft world look like it’s straight out of a cartoon. The “world curvature” option makes the distance go below the horizon, so it feels like you’re walking around a spherical planet.

Best of all, you can sometimes combine a shader mod with a modpack and get the best of both

worlds. We say “sometimes,” because it’s not completely error-proof; occasionally a modpack will disagree with a shader mod, and the modpack developers will often state which shaders don’t play well with their pack. Usually, you can run both at the same time, meaning you can have a good-looking Minecraft full of new content to explore. Combined, you can be sure that no two Minecraft worlds are ever quite the same.

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