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4 Free Python Tools

Chad Sparkes on Flickr

Python is a fun mostly easy to learn programming language that also has powerful features. Here are a few places to go online to learn about Python.


Practice your Python skills, from beginner to advanced, using this online service. Select Python 3 as your programming language then type you code in the left side of the interface, press the Run button, and see output on the right side.

Learn Python the Hard Way

Well, not exactly the hard way. This online resource teaches Python step by step, project by project. It’s probably the most thorough way to learn the language. Click the Contents link top left to read the text online. A book version also is available for purchase.


For beginners and younger kids who want to play around with a parent or teacher, Python Turtle is a simple desktop computer software tool that teaches Python by typing code to move a turtle. The software is free and open source.

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