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How Secure is Your Web Browser?


Your web browser gives off a lot of data as you browse the internet. However, it can be difficult to find out exactly what data websites can get from your browser.

Panopticlick is a free online test service that shows you how much data can be collected quietly and invisibly as you surf around online. It’s provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that advocates for privacy online.

Like people, web browsers have fingerprints that can be used to identify you and track where you go online. Go to https://pantopticlick.eff.org with your favorite web browser, click the Test Me button, and see how your browser performs.

Better yet, test Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers. And don’t forget testing on your mobile devices. Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox web browser, also offer Firefox Focus, a phone and tablet app with a web browser that scores the best for privacy (test for yourself with the URL above).

The Panopticlick test results also include lots of links to learn more about about web browser software and online tracking. It’s a useful tool to protect yourself.

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