Secret Coding for Children

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FWIW thought I’d said this section is not about programming. It’s about creating and decrypting secret codes, as a fun backhanded way to learn and practice logical thinking skills.

Loopy Secret Messages

Improve your encryption skills with Unicode!

Secret Code Hidden in Plain Sight

Looking for a new way to encode your secret messages? Try steganography!

Man in the Middle Attacks

How hackers can steal the messages you send over the internet, and how to tell if your communications are secure.

Secret Code Workbooks

5 hands-on books & activities to hone your cipher skills.

Book Ciphers

Hide information in plain sight using a clever code and a good book.

Hieroglyphs and Reverse Engineering

How scientists finally cracked the code behind the mysterious language of Ancient Egypt.

Ciphers: the Enigma Code

Learn about the infamous Enigma machine and how its “unbreakable” code was finally defeated.

Navajo Code Talkers

Learn about the Native soldiers and the creative cypher code that helped win WWII.

Morse Code

In an era before telephones, a clever code was created to send messages by telegraph.

Rail Fence Cipher

A simple zigzag pattern can scramble your messages beyond recognition.

Pigpen Ciphers

Pigpen ciphers uses alien-like symbols to hide secret messages.