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Computer Science Curriculum

This page provides links to course materials, videos, packets, and other computer science curriculum that might be useful for teaching computer science and programming.

Cambridge GCSE Computing Online

The course is based on OCR's GCSE Computing curriculum and gives participants an excellent opportunity to investigate how computers work, how they are used, and to develop computer programming and problem-solving skills. The course has been designed for 14-16 year olds; but is free and open to all, and can be used either as a course or a resource to support teachers.

Computing at School

Computing at School (CAS) provides resources and support for computer science teachers and parents in the United Kingdom.


Civic Innovation Summer is an experimental summer jobs program for teens focused on civics, media, and technology. The program, run in July and August of 2013, includes more than 140 Chicago teens being trained to use the latest digital tools to organize themselves, amplify their voice, and take positive civic action.

Class Tech Tips

Codecademy HTML Course for Special Needs Kids

Arranged and created by Tech Kids Unlimited and delivered by Codecademy, this free course teaches HTML with easy to understand concepts and exercises. Tech Kids Unlimited is a New York City area program geared towards teenagers with special needs to teach software in small hands on workshops as well as internships.

Common Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship

A curriculum for grades K-12 with additional resources at the bottom of the page. Covers internet safety, online privacy, cyberbullying, self image, copyright, and related topics.

Computer Science Unplugged

A computer science curriculum made of many different activities that do not require a computer.

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)


The University of California at Davis has developed a computer science curriculum around mathematics to reach kids who often have problems with math, as well as kids traditionally underrepresented in technology careers.


Free learning resources for the world.

Institute of Play

A collection of US computer science curriculum and standards groups organized to create a framework states and school districts can use to develop their own standards.

National Center for Women and Information Technology


A curriculum to teach kids 6-16 and teachers how to make learning programming fun and engaging in age-appropriate ways. Based in Iceland, now opening a center in Seattle, Washington in the US.

Skype in the Classroom

A truly clever way to use technology to help kids learn hands on with interviews of professionals doing neat stuff, virtual field trips, and Mystery Skype where kids ask questions to figure out where the kids on the end of the call are from (could be most anywhere in the world).

Teachers Pay Teachers


Try Engineering

From the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), lesson plans for students 8-18 plus resources for anyone interested to learn more about computers and computing.


Diverse program to help computer science teachers with CS and programming curriculum.