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These tools let you code on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

QPython (Android)

Python for iOS (Python 2.7) (Python 3.0) (Python 3.3) (Python 3.4)

Python 3 for Windows Phone

Python on Mac OSX Desktop

Python on Windows

Hosted Python

Python Fiddle

An online integrated development environment (IDE) for Python.

Python Turtle

One-click install of Python (if needed) and interface to learn Python by making a turtle move around the screen.


Where to get support as you code and encounter error messages and bugs in your applications.

Python Documentation (Python 3+)

Google Groups: comp.lang.python!forum/comp.lang.python


Hands on tutorials, as well as the home page for the language and documentation.

Python (Python 3+) (Python 2.7.5)

Python Practice Problems for Beginner Coders

Python the Hard Way

Probably the most thorough and easy to grasp introduction to Python. Also, you don’t need to install Python if you want to use or similar online simulator.

Hands-On Python: A Tutorial for Beginners

TeCoEd Python Resources

Python Tutorials

What Are Some Interesting Things to Do with Python?


The history of the language.

What Makes Python So Awesome (Presentation)

Wikipedia: Python


How to use this language on the internet and the real world, available to end users and customers.

In the Wild

How this language is used on the internet and in the real world.

Github Python Projects