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Lua is an extremely lightweight programming language with many features. It’s easy to learn. Most people encounter Lua while modding games, for example, Minecraft. But the language is robust enough to be used in industrial applications, as well as embedded into other software.


These tools let you code on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Touch Lua

Sigma Script

Crashing into Lua (press Esc to activate console)

iLuaBox Pro


Where to get support as you code and encounter error messages and bugs in your applications.

Lua Community

Lua Mailing List


LuaHub Forum

Google Groups*&scoring=d


Hands on tutorials, as well as the home page for the language and documentation.


Lua: Really for Beginners

Crashing Into Lua

Includes an inline Lua Interpreter to test and adapt code from this tutorial.

Lua Tutorial (Android app/book)


The history of the language.

History of Lua

Two presentations describe in detail the evolution of the Lua language. (PDF) (PDF)


Lua, What is Lua? (Stack Overflow)

Among serious comments and insights, apparently Lua means toilet in Hawaiian.


How to use this language on the internet and the real world, available to end users and customers.

In the Wild

How this language is used on the internet and in the real world.

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