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Programming and Computer Science Twitter Lists

If you are on Twitter, it is helpful to organize people you follow into lists based on interests and expertise. Instead of browsing a fire hose of all possible people to follow, you can organize the flood of tweets by topic. I’ve organized the people I follow for this magazine into the groups below. Links to the tweets and members of each group are provided. My plan is to add to these lists over time. And you’re welcome to subscribe to one or more lists, or follow people and put them into your own lists.

There are many people, schools, tool vendors, and groups missing from these programming and computer science twitter lists, of course. Feel free to DM me on Twitter or use the Contact form to send me people you recommend.

Creatives and Business People (aka Suits)

Information Architects

Libraries and Librarians






Technologists and Programmers

Tools and Services

User Experience

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