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In addition to our print magazine and the online version of our magazine, we also publish email newsletters. We send two types of emails:

  • Announcements of new issues, usually around the first day of even-numbered months. That would be the first day of February, April, June, August, October, and December.
  • A periodic Between Issues email that collects all sorts of quirky STEAM stories that you might find interesting and not (yet) know about. Stuff like talking to whales, data your car collects about you, wooden satellites, talking fungus, anything related to NASA, and whatever else we find. The Between Issues emails show up around the first and fifteenth of each month, at most, with the exception of the first of even-numbered months when the new issue announcement emails are sent: we don’t want to overwhelm you with emails.

All of our emails include an unsubscribe link. And you’re welcome to email us any time at with questions.

If you’d like to receive these email newsletters, please fill out the form at the bottom right of this page. Thank you!