Scratch Space Game

Explore the solar system and test your knowledge of space through this fun coding activity.

Scratch and Motion

Make your sprite’s motion more realistic by adding acceleration and gravity to your code!

Scratch Gravity

Mix some math and some code to create dynamic games with realistic physics.

Writing Game of Life in Scratch

Use your favourite block language to animate this fascinatingly odd game.

Telling Interactive Stories in Scratch

A better, smoother way to direct your theatrical masterpiece.

Scratch Animations

Learn how to use animated GIFs to create proper animation loops in Scratch.

The New Version of Scratch

New, improved, faster, and sleeker - it’s Scratch 3, your new favourite block language!

Cronch the Cats

Learn what makes a good rogue-like game and how to make one yourself.

City Building Game

Use Scratch to become the architect of your very own digital metropolis.

Scratch Boids and AI

Using Scratch and some simple vector math, create your own Boids algorithm to simulate the flight of birds.

From Scratch to Javascript: WoofJS

The perfect language to help you transition into a new way of coding.

Scratch Multimodal Games

Take your Scratch games to the next level by adding multiple modes with multiple sprites.

Charred Cats Game

This Scratch game has lots of ways you can customize the game play. No cats were harmed in the making of this article either.

Creating Shapes and Patterns with Scratch2

Here's a fun game you can create with Scratch2 that draws geometric shapes!

Cracking the Code with Scratch2

This project creates a math quiz to test your multiplication and division skills.