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Where To Recycle Old Electronics

Electronic Recycling Resources

Not only are electronics made of valuable materials—metals, plastics, glass—but the energy required to create them is significant. According to the US EPA, recycling one million laptops saves enough energy to power 3500 homes for a year. And the Natural Resources Defense Council estimated US citizens tossed 130,000 computers a day and 100 million cellphones each year. Read on to learn where to recycle old electronics.

If you cannot upgrade the hardware or software of your electronics enough to meet your needs, you should recycle! The first step on how to recycle old electronics is to be sure to delete all personal information and contacts. Eraser for Windows can delete data safely. Mac computers have built-in erasure software. Also remove the batteries before you recycle so they can be recycled separately.

Wondering where to recycle old electronics? The beanz magazine team has gathered a few resources to help you recycle or trade-in your electronics. Another helpful hint is to search online for local groups.



Green Buyback



Needs to have a Target Mobile store if you trade in a store, online otherwise.

Best Buy Recycling

Staples Recycling

Consumer Reports Articles on Recycling Electronics

Dell Computer Recycling

Toshiba Recycling

Apple Recycling

Amazon Trade-In Program

Gazelle Trade-In Program

Basel Action Network

Eraser (Windows)

US Government Resources

For more assistance on where to recycle old electronics, contact our team.