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Help Desk Tools

This page has tools to help subscribers.


Freshdesk (manage emails from subscribers)
Simplecirc (manage subscription records)
WordPress User Admin Page (update subscriber custom URLs in WordPress)
Memberful (create non-online members here and it'll update WordPress)
Facebook page
Twitter page



Subscriber Custom URL Path

This is a unique name attached to the KidsCodeCS.com URL path, for example, https://KidsCodeCS.com/custompath. Use this form to check if a customized path name is not currently used. If it's not being used, then find the subscriber in the WordPress User admin pages and enter the unique path name in their user form.

NOTE: For forseeable future, please also check any path name or ID against this current list.

Subscriber Path:

Subscriber ID

This is a 10-character string found in Simplecirc custom fields. It's used to match a subscriber with a custom URL. IDs are deprecated. Use the next form instead to check if a customized path name is not currently used.

Subscriber ID: