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Give beanz for the holidays!

Thank you for your interest in our magazine! Subscriptions to our magazine include one year of access to all 1100+ STEM/STEAM articles that we’ve published since August 2013.

Here’s a few good reasons beanz can help the kids in your life:

  • Award winning beanz magazine and website teaches kids science, engineering, technology, math and computer competency that will keep them ahead of the curve with their peers.
  • Now is the time to help the kids in your life excel at these vital skills, so they can find success later in life.
  • It is a must have as we recover from pandemic interruptions with in-classroom learning and as homeschooling is increasing.

Bottom line — beanz can help make kids SMARTER! While engaging them in fun and inspiring ways.

New print issues arrive during the first few weeks of even-numbered months. That’s February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Beanz is just $22.49 for US addresses and $26.25 USD for non-US addresses, a 25% discount for a full year of online access and 6 jam packed fun colorful issues.

beanz magazine is published by a small community of teachers, technologists, and writers who love the challenge of exploring technology in ways kids and non-technical adults enjoy and understand. We try to make computing and engineering accessible, friendly, and fun. Each issue is packed with fun learning tools for the kids in your life.

Give a subscription of beanz today and give a fun and inspiring STEM/STEAM gift to a tech-minded kid in your life!

Articles in every issue cover a wide range of topics, from hands-on projects to concepts to history to engineering projects to stories about inspiring people who use technology to solve problems.

beanz magazine makes a great holiday gift for any person in your life interested to learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

“I really enjoy reading beanz, especially coding and computer science concepts, and I always look forward to getting them. Apparently, so do my lambs!”

— Harrison in New Zealand

I appreciate that it's aimed at students/children without talking down to them. The adult reading material for computer science sometimes is too much to process. beanz offers smaller doses that are more accessible.

— a Teacher

I like the variety of topics, but also the consistency of having topics addressed repeatedly. I like that it's both hardware and software, so I can entice kids who have those interests. I like that there's a range of articles from pretty easy to harder (some are too hard for my students, but that's actually good....gives them hints that there are things to aspire to.) I look at it a few times each issue, and search back issues topics to find articles to recommend to students.

— a Teacher