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Links from the bottom of all the June 2016 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Bakuro Binary Number Puzzles

Bakuro, Binary, and Computational Thinking

Kakuro Puzzles

KrazyDad Print-able Kakuro Puzzles

The Congressional App Challenge

US Congressional App Challenge

US Congressional App Challenge: Find Your District

2015 Congressional App Challenge Winners

CA-18 Anna Eshoo Challenge (Example)

Here are some materials to show how one district fared in this contest in 2015. On Eshoo’s page, click the Solutions link on the left side to see entries, not only her local winner. If you don’t know, Eshoo represents much of Silicon Valley so there’s lots of entries.

App Inventor

Alda Programming Language



MML (Music Macro Language)


Where to Find Command Line Interface Software

Linux Command List for Command Line Interfaces


You may or may not need to load the latest version of Java on your computer.


The Ant and the Grasshopper

Search: A Tale of Algorithms, Computation, and Conspiracy

Computational Fairy Tales

Search: A Tale of Algorithms, Computation, and Conspiracy

To be released July 2016, you can order early and get a discount.

Best Practices of Spell Design

Computational Fairy Tales

SmallTalks: Jeremy Kubica and Computational Fairy Tales





Adobe Illustrator



Project Ignite

JavaScript Shape Generator Overview

Modify a Shape with JavaScript

3D Hubs


Thymio Robots


Programming Thymio with Aceba


Thymio Programming using Blockly in Aceba Studio–kKrjyPM


Connect RobotMagic to Thymio

Thymio with Scratch


Battery History

How Do Batteries Work?


Types of Batteries

Battery Sizes

History of the Electron

William Gilbert

Leyden Jar

Cannon Operation

Alessandro Volta

Static Electricity

So You Want to be a Coder?

So You Want to be a Coder?

This Simon & Schuster book site has a sample plus links to purchase.

Don’t Call Yourself a Programmer

Long, funny, totally accurate, with lots of inside coding jokes.

So You Want to be a Programmer?

Shorter essay but equally thoughtful about the reasons people become programmers.

Why Can’t Programmers.. Program?

Many well educated programmers stumble on basic skills.

6 Signs that You are not Meant to be a Programmer

Programming skills are useful in other jobs and careers.

Programming Projects for Kids Ages 5-8

Python for Kids

JavaScript for Kids

Scratch, Jr


Run Marco!

Robot Turtles

Code Monkey Island

Coding Farmers

Erase All Kittens

12 Games that Teach Kids to Code

The Foos

Move the Turtle



Bits and Bytes


Makey Makey Go!

Review of Makey Makey Go and Inventor Booster Kit

The original article with short videos.

Colleen Graves

Makey Makey

Makey Makey Go

Reaping the Rewards: Makey Makey Go (Geek Dad)

Makey Makey Billie Jean (One-Key) Remix

Other Makey Makey Go Projects

Fun Summer Projects




Computing at School

Teaching London Computing

Barefoot Computing

Minecraft Projects and Resources

The Minecraft Basics

Learn to Program with Minecraft (and Python)

Minecraft In Real Life

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Also In The June 2016 Issue

Tinkercad makes it easy to create and print 3D objects from your designs and designs others create.

Figuring out how to find prime numbers is a matter of the right strategy plus code plus trying different ideas.

There are many ways to learn technology while playing. Here are technologies and resources you might want to find online this summer.

A super portable version of Makey Makey, there's lots of experiments you can do with the new Makey Makey Go!

A computational fairytale updated for the computer age, a grasshopper learns algorithms and planning ahead.

A book about the daily life of many different programmers who do neat things with code.

The US Congressional App Challenge is an annual contest to encourage US high school students to try programming by creating an app.

Younger kids can have lots of fun playing games this summer while learning basic programming concepts.

Minecraft is a fun game to explore with a vast set of worlds, animals, and adventures. Here are ideas to continue the adventure, online and offline.

Battery history is a critical part of the history of technology. Without stored electricity, there would be no electronics.

Links from the bottom of all the June 2016 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for June 2016.

A Swiss-made robot, Thymio robots work with drag and drop languages and text-based languages like JavaScript.