Minecraft Projects and Resources

Minecraft is a fun game to explore with a vast set of worlds, animals, and adventures. Here are ideas to continue the adventure, online and offline.

If you’re new to the game, or out of ideas, maybe the best place to start is by creating worlds from your daily world: build a house for yourself or your best friend. Or start a farm. Or start walking and see what you find.

The Minecraft Basics

The Minecraft.net website is where you can buy the game and subscribe monthly to set up realms where friends can play together. You can download the game for free and use a demo mode for a limited time. Microsoft also works with teachers to integrate Minecraft into classroom lessons. The education site also might interest as a source of project ideas. Other sources for help and project ideas are the Minecraft forums, Pinterest, and Mojang.com, plus searching online for project ideas at all levels of the game.


Learn to Program with Minecraft (and Python)

Minecraft is a fun way to learn programming. With Python, you can build worlds faster, teleport, wander vast distances with math, animate parts of your world, and more while learning about lists, loops, conditional statements, and the trappings of any language.


Minecraft IRL

When sitting in front of the computer is boring, there are lots of ways to create Minecraft in real life. Aside from birthday cakes, you could make Creeper Pizza, a TNT pinata, Rice Krispy Treats in the shape of green nummies, holiday ornaments, and lots more.



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Minecraft is a fun game to explore with a vast set of worlds, animals, and adventures. Here are ideas to continue the adventure, online and offline.

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