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Has Your Password Been Stolen?

What Web Browsers Know About You

What Every Web Browser Knows About You

HowTo: Privacy & Security Conscious Browsing

The creepy website that tracks your every move: ClickClickClick reveals how much browsers know about you

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Microsoft Edge

Set Your Web Browser for Security & Privacy


Search engine that doesn’t track your queries.

Your Digital Footprint

Blown to Bits




9 Ways You’re Being Spied On Every Day

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Planet Calc

Pseudorandom Number Generator

Random Number Generation

A Short History of Random Numbers, and Why You Need to Care

Introduction to Randomness and Random Numbers

Public Key Cryptography

Public Key Cryptography

“Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange” in plain English

Whitfield Diffie

Martin Hellman

What is Modular Arithmetic?

History of Codes

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Multi-Factor Authentication

Google’s Two-Step Authentication Process

Create Safe Passwords (Public Safety Canada)

Choosing a Secure Password


@Deray’s Twitter Hack Reminds Us Even Two-Factor Isn’t Enough

Your cell phone number could be hijacked unless you add a PIN to your carrier account

Hackers are using this nasty text-message trick to break into people’s accounts

Google is making two-factor authentication a lot easier to use

How to Erase Your Hard Drive

How a Hard Drive Works

How is data physically written, read and stored inside hard drives?

How to securely wipe sensitive files–or your entire hard drive

How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs)

Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN)



Create Colors and Shapes with Racket

Racket Language

RGB Color Calculator

RGB, CMYK, and Color Systems Comparison

RGB Color Model

Common Problems Programmers Face

5 Common Developer problems and how to overcome them

5 Common Developer problems and how to overcome them

The 5 Most Common Problems New Programmers Face–And How You Can Solve Them

The Problem with Programming

10 problems that every programmer has to face in his life

What are the main problems faced by programmers?

The most difficult problems you will ever face as a programmer

8 barriers to overcome when learning to code

6 common problems you may have with other programmers

What are the most common programming tasks?

The 10 Most Common Beginner Programming Mistakes

Scratch Coding Cards>

Creative Coding Activities for Kids

by Natalie Rusk / ISBN: 978-1-59327-774-1 / $24.95




9 Important Questions Parents Forget to Ask When Choosing a Tech Camp

Software Libraries

Software Libraries

What does “library” mean in the case of programming languages?

What is the Difference Between a Software Framework and a Library?

How to Build Your Own C Library

An Introduction to Software History

How to Pick a Programming Language

Popular Programming Languages

Index is updated annually is generally impartial.

State of the Octoverse 2016 (Github)

Popular languages based on use within their vast community.

Which programming languages are most popular (and what does that even mean)?

List of programming languages

Comparison of programming languages

Choosing a Programming Language Systematically

How to Choose Your First Programming Language

Hidden Figures

Cracking the Code with Scratch

Project Code




What is a Network?

Introducing Basic Network Concepts

What is a Network?

Computer Networks

Computer Network

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This cryptography method is based on the fact some tasks are relatively easy to do, but extremely difficult to undo.

There's a way to find out if your online passwords have been stolen, and how to prevent it.

Racket is a fun and easy programming language to learn because it's all about creating colors and shapes as you learn.

Networks are a mostly hidden but critical part of the internet.

Surveillance cameras, satellites, RFID tags, and social media activities all create unique digital footprints.

Developers deal with common problems in their work. Here’s are a few problems and how to overcome them.

Programmers use libraries but instead of books they create and share code, often for free, to help solve common problems.

These cards are a fun way to learn Scratch, look up how to do things, and make applications.

Another mysterious four-letter acronym that helps secure information online.

Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson not only helped make history, they are part of a long line of women in computing

It's almost time to think about summer tech camps if your kids are interested. Here are a few questions to ask.

Your web browser knows (and tells) a lot more about you than you might realize.

When you pick a programming language to learn first, it helps to figure out what software you want to create.

This odd acronym offers security protection beyond your password. Here are a few examples of how 2FA works.

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