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December 2018 Learn More Links

SparkFun Electronics on Flickr

Cordoba Tiles

10 SketchUp Tips Every Modeler Should Know

Master SketchUp


About the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

About Islamic geometric patterns

Test Your Nerves

More about Python

Adafruit official website

Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Projects for Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Scratch Animations

Clarissa’s demo

Piskel, a sprite art editor that’s good for making quick animation loops

A more sophisticated pixel art editor

4 Free Python Tools

Learn Python the Hard Way


Dan Bader Email Newsletter(s)

Anatomy of an E-mail Address

Email Address

How to Recycle Electronics

Popular Science article about recycling old tech at e-waste centers

List of places to recycle old tech

Official EPA page on donating and recycling electronics

E-cycling central (US)

List of recycling centers per state in the USA

Sphero Light Chaser

Sphero official website

Article about ambient light sensors

Playing Computer


LEGO Mindstorms


Can Software Write Itself?

A big collection of Quines

Another huge collection of Quines

If writing Quines is too easy

Minecraft, Redust, and Logic Gates

Project Red





Secret Code Workbooks

Scientific Explorer Secret Codes Decoder Kit

Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set – ON the GO—on-the-go/5238.html

Telegraph Kit – The Science Cube

Top Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Writing

Introduction to Python


A simple introduction to Haskell

Another good (but less meme-y) introduction to Haskell

A nice summary of a bunch of the ways that Haskell is used

The big central repository of community Haskell libraries

A cool music generation system written in Haskell
This is used by the band 65daysofstatic, who made the soundtrack of No Man’s Sky

STEAM Board Games


Code & Go Robot

Robo Rally


Code Master

Is that Elevator a Robot?

Elevator operators

How Elevators Changed the World

The Elevator Museum

Elevator History

The Otis Safety Elevator

The History of the Passenger Elevator in the 19th Century

Destination Dispatch

Marriott Marquis, Destination Dispatch video

Elevator System for the Burj Khalifa

Destination Dispatch on Google Patents

Sparkfun Quiic Distance Sensor and Ecosystem

Credit Card Algorithm

Peter Luhn and the history of his algorithms and inventions

Checksum algorithms

Wikipedia Luhn Algorithm

Monty Hall Problem

Numberphile video: Monty Hall Problem

(Short Version)
(Long Version)

Introduction to probability from Khan Academy

Google Deep Dream

Deep Dream Generator

Different Kinds of Convolutional Filters

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Computerphile video about Google Deep Dream

Computerphile video about CNNs

Introduction to Memory Management

Crash Course Videos on YouTube

Registers and RAM
Memory & Storage

Binary Numbers


Variables, Constants, and Data Types

What is an Operating System?

Stack vs Heap Memory in C++ Video

Spooky Sys Admin

Trouble-shooting starting an ssh server on Bash-on-Windows

SSH Client for Android devices

Why home IP addresses start with 192.168

A guide to tmux

Getting Started with Bash-on-Windows

Danit Pelege and the Future of 3D Fashion

Danit Peleg’s official site

Create Your Own 3D Printed Jacket

Danit Pelge’s TED Talk