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Why are Computer Mice Called That?

Original mouse demonstration

Why is a Computer Mouse Called a Mouse?

Douglas Engelbart bio

Who Invented the Computer Mouse

Why is a Computer Mouse Called a Mouse?

Using your Computer Mouse video (for kids)

Not a Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse Facts for Kids

First Computer Mouse was Wooden

History of the Mouse

NASA: Birth of the Mouse

What is Recursion? Video

MicroPython and Mindstorms

Lego Education: Python for EV3

How to Run Python on EV3 Brick

Getting started with python for Mindstorms

Lego Education: Building Instructions for Robot Educator


SD Card Slot on Mac

Snap!: A More Powerful Scratch

The Snap! Manual

Racket/Scheme text-based programming language that inspired Snap!

Algorithmically creating embroidery


Koch’s curve: snowflake

Koch Snowflake


Build your own blocks


Factorial examples

Factorial video

Blocks-based coding

Fun Facts about factorials

Circus Ball in SketchUp

Crazy Shapes Sketchup projects

Modeling specific shapes in Sketchup

Modeling Terrain and Rounded Shapes

Lines, Shapes and 3D objects

Internet of Things and Power

Water IoT

Plant IoT

Controlling algae with sound waves

Technology converts sound waves to electricity

Generating electricity from living plants

Electric bateria create currents

Five unusual energy sources

Unusual sources of energy

Alternative energy

How to extract energy from grass

Sundials and Watches

Making Marvels exhibition: clocks, automatons


How to Make a Sundial

Sundials from around the world

Positioning a Sundial

Is a Sundial Accurate?

History of Timekeeping Devices


History of Telling Time

History and Science of Sundials

Strange and interesting sundials

Brief history of telling time

History of telling time

The future of telling time

New Era Atomic Clocks

Python Ciphers

Mysterious Codes and Ciphers

Cracking Codes with Python



Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python

Cryptography with Python

Monoalphabetic and Polyalphabetic cipher in Python

Cracking Codes with Python

Silly ciphers

Codes, Cipher, Encryption and Cryptology

Secret Codes for Kids

How Do Computers Remember Things?

How the cache in most CPUs works

Video on how different kinds of memory and board are made

Random Access Memory

Computer Memory

How Computer Memory Works

How Computers Work

Facts about computer memory

Computer Memory

Computer memory game

Control an Arduino with Scratch

Introduction to Arduino with Scratch

Scratch/Arduino extension

Get kids started with Arduino

Scratch for Arduino

Scratch for Arduino using mblock

Sorting Algorithms

On Sorting

Comparison Sorting algorithms

Bubble Sort

Bubble sort video

Pancake Sorting

Pancake sorting animation

Spaghetti Sort

Spaghetti sort animation

Pigeonhole Sort

Sorting Algorithms

Sorting Algorithms video

Sorting lesson plan for teachers

Bubble sort facts

How Antivirus Software Works


Comodo’s guide on how an antivirus works

Detection method

How Anti-virus software works

How do different types of antiviruses work?

Antivirus software

Antivirus software facts for kids

2020 Top Ten Antivirus software

Advantages of using an antivirus

Explaining computer viruses


Importance of antivirus software

Best Cybersecurity Analogies

Questions to Ask Summer Tech Camps

Summer Camp Questions

102 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp

Questions to ask when evaluating summer camps

STEM summer camps

13 questions parents should ask

Camp Prep

Preparing for your Digital Mitzvah

COPPA definition


Complying with COPPA

COPPA Minimum Age Requirements



Math of boarding a planes

Better way to board a plane

Airplane boarding

Mummy sings the blues

Hear voice of mummified Eqyptian

How an Ancient Eqyptian sounds

Printing a 3D Larynx

3D Printing gives voice to Mummy

Can you hear me now?

Voice on other planets

What would your voice be like on another planet?

Human voice from Mars

Oh, Canada

Custom X-Box Adaptive Controller

Homemade Controller

Toronto in Minecraft

Minecraft Building Toronto

Data Research Maps

Exploring the Beginning of Life on Earth

The earth in gamma rays

What are gamma rays?

Gamma Rays

Incredible hulking facts about gamma rays

Scientific Modeling

Scientist Models Processes for Life Creation

Goddard Space flight center

Gamma ray space telescope

Gamma Ray astronomy

Kepler Telescope

Future Gamma Ray telescopes

Facts about gamma rays

Also In The April 2020 Issue

As students reach the age of 13 the importance of them understanding their rights and privacy online becomes crucial.

The iDTech summer camp recently posted 102 questions. Here are a few with links to the full list.

Being well-read is essential in everything in life, and coding is no exception! Here are some book recommendations to make you a coding master.

The circus is in town, but they're missing one of their colourful balls. Let's make one for them!

Sundials were one of the first ways people kept track of time. But how did they work?

New to physical computing? MircoPython may be perfect or you!

It's project time! In this article we go over how the same processes used in big factories can be used to control a simple LED.

What do bubbles, pancakes, and spaghetti all have in common? They're all great for sorting!

Yee-ha! In the wild wild west of the internet, antivirus software is a must-have partner.

Exploring the concept of RAM and how it helps your MInecraft game run better.

Breaking down big problems into smaller ones is a great way to solve them. Let's see how recursion helps us do this!

How did this pale blue dot that we call Earth first begin? The answer is even more fascinating than imagined.

Have you ever wondered why your computer's mouse is called that? Well it all started with a fellow named Douglas and a block of wood...

How do you power devices at the top of mountains and the bottom of oceans? Let's find out!

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