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3D Printing

This page lists resources for many aspects of 3D printing, from printers to software to model repositories to printing options and more.

3D Printers | 3D Printer Buying Guides | 3D Software | 3D Printing Services | 3D Models | 3D Glossaries | 3D in Classroom Websites

3D Printers

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printers

These printers tend to cost less and use rolls of thin filament material to build objects layer by layer.

Compact Printers


fabbster for makers

Printerbot Simple

Mid-Sized Printers

3DPrinter4U Builder


Airwolf 3D

Bukobot v2

Cube 2


Felix 2.0

Leapfrog Creatr

Lulzbot TAZ

Printerbot Plus

Type A Series 1

Up Mini
Up Plus 2

Professional Consumer Printers

Makerbot Replicator 2x

Ultimaker 2

RepRap Printers

RepRap is an open source hardware project whose goal is make 3D printing available to everyone. You can buy and build kits that meet the RepRap specifications.

Lulzbot TAZ

MakerGeeks RepRap Mini Kossel

RepRap Project

Resin Printers

These printers cost more but their print accuracy is better than other printers.


B9 Creator

3D Printer Buying Guides

If you are serious about buying a 3D printer, definitely find and read these guides with detailed test results. While the Make guide costs money, it’s the most comprehensive with lots of articles to provide context for purchase of any 3D printer.

Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014

PC Magazine: Best 3D Printers,2817,2470038,00.asp

Tom’s Guide: Best 3D Printers 2014,review-2236.html

3D Software

3D software includes tools to create models and convert (slice) model files into STL files which 3D printers can read to print a model.

Software to Create 3D Models





Software to Convert (Slice) 3D Models



3D Printing Services

You can print 3D models by uploading files to a printing service or in person at a local 3D print shop, hacker collective, or some local libraries.


Also research online, or ask around, to find out if there is a neighborhood 3D print shop like 3D Heights in New York City or a hacker collective like NYC Resistor, as well as your local library or schools. Some local print shops also provide both walk-in and online upload capabilities.

3D Heights

NYC Resistor


UPS Store

Staples doesn’t appear to have a website page dedicated to 3D printing services You’ll have to call or visit your local Staples to see if they offer 3D printing. They do sell 3D printers and supplies.

FedEx Store
FedEx Office also has no dedicated website page for 3D printing. You’ll need to call or visit a FedEx Office location to find out if they offer this service.








3D Models

You can find online a number of 3D models to try out 3D printing, as well as print useful objects.

SketchUp 3D Warehouse


3D Glossaries

3D printing has a lot of new words and acronyms. Here’s are articles which explain the 3D printing process and terms used.

What is 3D Printing?

Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014

This is a paid Acrobat PDF book but worth the price.

3D in Classroom Websites

These websites provide articles and other resources to help individuals, teachers, and students use 3D printing.