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Links from the bottom of all the articles in this issue, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (Wikipedia)

Operating Systems for Internet of Things

There are too many to link here but these are a few you might investigate.

IEEE: Internet of Things

Defining the internet of things — time to focus on the data

Gartner IT Glossary: Internet of Things

Google muddies #IoT waters with Brillo OS

Libelium Smart World Graphic

The Internet of Things: When Toasters Go Online

Weaponizing Your Coffee Pot

The Internet of Things: [US] Government Gets Ready for a More Connectd World with New FTC Division

Your home could become one giant iPhone, courtesy of Apple

VW’s Cheating Proves We Must Open Up the Internet of Things

Operating Systems for the Internet of Things

Project Brillo




Operating Systems for the IoT: Goals, Challenges, and Solutions

An academic paper which describes the variety of problems operating systems for connected devices must solve.

Picking the right RTOS for your next-gen embedded IoT design

The\ title is a mouthful but the article describes how developers familiar with writing software for embedded devices think about adding the Internet of Things capabilities, what features are familiar or different.

Huawei LiteOS

A new operating system designed to work with the chips and other technology produced by this Chinese company.

Apple HomeKit

Windows 10 IoT

The First Computors

Betty Holbertson

Kathleen (McNulty) Antonelli

Jean Bartik

Frances (Bilas) Spence

Ruth (Lichterman) Teitlebaum

Marily (Wescoff) Meltzer

ENIAC Programmers Project

Adele Goldstine

Jean Bartik and the ENIAC Women

Pioneer Programmer: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer that Changed the World

Her autobiography was written to encourage girls and women to consider science and technology careers. The Truman State links to a version for grades 4-6.

Computer Pioneers (1935 to 1945)

Women in Programming



CoderDojo Foundation

An Interview with Nicky Ringland

Nicky Ringland

Grok Learning

National Computer Science School (Australia)

ICTE NSW (Australia)

Girl’s Programming Network (GPN)

Race for the Galaxy (Board Game)

Dominion (Board Game)

Agricola (Board Game)

Free Short Hour of Code Tutorials (Grok Learning)

Cricket Guide for Americans



Origin of the Name Rust

Rust 1.0 Announcement

Rust by Example

A 30-Minute Introduction to Rust (January 2014)

Early version of the Rust Book.

Steve Klabnick

Diving Into Rust for the First Time

Rust for Rubyists

A Taste of Rust

Rust for Functional Programmers (July 2014)

The Rust Programming Language: Fast, Safe, and Beautiful

O’Reilly webinar from January 2015.

How do Rust and Go compare?

Why is Mozilla developing the Rust language and what are the problem areas for which it is better suited than conventional languages? How does it compare to other system languages?

Low Level Languages

Garbage Collection



Dash and Dot

Sphero and Ollie


LEGO Mindstorms

Coding Board Games

Robot Turtles Board Game

Code Master

Code Monkey Island

Bits & Bytes



Notable Women in Technology Card Deck

Giggle Chips

Programming Books

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

Teach Your Kids to Code

Lauren Ipsum

Super Scratch Programming Adventure

Python for Kids

JavaScript for Kids

Coding Apps


Bitsbox Teachers Guide/Mailing List

Codea (iTunes)

Codea Resources

Codea Tutorials



Move the Turtle

Making Kittens with JavaScript

JavaScript for Kids

Using the Console

JavaScript Documentation

Crunchzilla Code Monster

What is the JavaScript equivalent of Learn Python the Hard Way? (Quora)

Learn Python the Hard Way is a mostly free online course and this thread offers ideas where and how to learn JavaScript.

How to Keep Your Code DRY


Using DRY: Between Code Duplication and High-Coupling

The DRY Obsession

Orthogonality and the DRY Principle

A Conversation with Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas who developed the term DRY.

Software Design Principles (including DRY)

Video Games for 2015 Holidays

Disney Infinity 3.0

Rocket League

Super Mario Maker

Also In The October 2015 Issue

October 2015 Issue: Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects dumb devices like refrigerators to the internet and uses software to connect them to our daily lives.

There are many operating systems for internet of things devices, from existing software used to control electronic boards to efforts by Google and Apple.

Disney Infinity 3.0, Rocket League, and Super Mario Maker are three fun video games to consider for the 2015 holiday season

You can learn a little software programming and have lots of fun with any number of coding apps available for your phone or tablet computer.

Operating system software is a key part of all computers. But what are they and how do they work?

Learning how to make kittens with JavaScript is a great way to learn how to use the free Chrome web browser to practice and learn JavaScript.

Working through a book can help parents learn programming with their kids or kids learn on their own.

Board games and card games are some of the best ways to learn about programming. You don't need a computer. Play as a family or group.

These robots also can be programmed to move around rooms, one way for kids to learn programming.

Six women were hired to use their math skills to program the ENIAC computer. They called themselves The First Programmers Club.

Nicky is a Linguistics major who learned coding skills to further her research. She's also finished a PhD, won a few big awards, and co-founded Grok Learning.

Two women created an innovative online service to teach teenage girls how to code by using video.

The new Rust programming language is designed to solve problems with operating systems and fix issues with C and other languages.

Data can become alive and pose questions as well as reveal answers to questions we have.

Links from the bottom of all the articles in this issue, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

DRY is an acronym for Don't Repeat Yourself. It's a critical programming concept and skill to learn.

Interesting news stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for August and September 2015.

CoderDojo is a free after school club for kids ages 7-17 where kids, parents, mentors, and others play with technology and learn to code.