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USAG- Humphreys on Flickr

The Case for Useless Robots

Lego Mindstorms Wikipedia

Lego Mindstorms Projects

Article about 2019 VEX Worlds


Seven absurd inventions set to change the world forever

Gas Stations in Space

Robotic Refueling Mission NASA facts and many sets of press releases

Press Conference Kennedy Space Flight Center December 4, 2018 Jill McGuire (Broadcast on NASA TV)

Blurry Circles

History of SketchUp

SketchUp for Kids

Teaching 3D with ModelMetricks

How to Create Your First 3D Model in SketchUp: A Beginner-Friendly Introduction

Finding, making, and using incredible SketchUp textures

File Systems

Comparison of Linux file systems along with a good explanation of journaling

An old Ars Technica piece on the history of file systems with fantastic history sections

An article about why USB sticks use FAT32

Chicago USO Event

Online Coding Camps in Minecraft

Get Started with a Raspberry Pi

Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode

Adventure Maps

How To Install a Minecraft Map

C Programming Language

A tutorial on C by the author of a famous online book about network programming

A decent tutorial just on pointers

Telling Interactive Stories in Scratch

Our story so far

How to make stories in Scratch

How to use Scratch for digital storytelling

For teachers

Make your own virtual pet in Scratch

Scratch resources for teachers

Cardboard Circuits

WikiHow: Making a Simple Electrical Circuit

Electrical Circuit Projects for Elementary Students

An Electrical Circuit Quiz Board

How do Multiplayer Games Really Work?

About Game Servers

Client-Server Networks vs Peer-to-Peer Networks

What Gamers Need To Know About Network Synchronization In Games

Paper Clips Run Amok

Paperclip Maximizer

AI and the Paperclip Problem

The Way the World Ends: Not a Bang But a Paperclip


About the modulus operator

A detailed article about FizzBuzz

Twenty Ways to Fizz Buzz

A complex mathematical solution to FizzBuzz

TIC-80 Maps and Music

Bruno’s platformer tutorial

A neat, free, tracker for making chiptunes

Tutorial to make a simple platformer on the TIC-80

Cell Towers

The First Cellular Phone

Invasive Species (disguised towers)

How Cell Towers Work

How Cell Towers Work

How Text Messages are Sent

The Cell Phone Tower Debate

Triangle Generator

Introduction to Python

Python for Kids

About Loops

More Python activities

Requests and Responses

How to Inspect Web Page Elements

What is a Server?

HTTP Responses and Requests

Browser caches

Web browser history

Chinese New Year Lantern

Lanterns Go High Tech


Video (in Mandarin Chinese)



DIY Paper and Wire Lantern (Instructables)

Atlas Institute Science and Art Education

Luminous Science

Laboratory for Playful Computation

NeoPixel LEDs (individually addressable)


micro:bit coding environment

Lantern Light Festival

Man in the Middle Attacks

The Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Should I Buy from This Site? How to Know if a Website is Secure

What is an SSL certificate?

Defend against Man in the Middle Attacks

Also In The February 2019 Issue

The craft world and the tech world collide in this fun, hands-on activity.

For twenty three years, since 1996, cars have used computers to control different parts of the car.

Synchronizing games with players from all around the world is no easy task.

A simple thought experiment sheds light on the dangers of AI. Can we stop the earth being buried in paperclips?

‘Files’ may be easy concepts for humans, but not for computers. What’s going on inside your operating system?

Two ways to play Minecraft with an overarching storyline. Experience the game like never before!

Helping kids fall in love with coding through Minecraft mods and Raspberry Pis.

A better, smoother way to direct your theatrical masterpiece.

How hackers can steal the messages you send over the internet, and how to tell if your communications are secure.

It’s not as simple as it seems. Can you solve this classic programming problem?

Ever wondered what happens when you connect to a website? Time to dive into the secrets of networking!

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