August 2021 Learn More Links

The Learnmore links from the August 2021 stories, all in one place.

Unbreakable Code

One time pad

One time pad overview

The unbreakable code

About the One Time pad

What is a one time pad

What is ROT13

ROT13 coder and decoder

ROT13 facts

Secret codes for kids

Random numbers

Cryptology for kids

How random number generation works

Create a Simple Electronic Perfboard

How to make a simple circuit

Simple circuit using battery

Making a simple circuit (video)

Simple electronic projects

Foil circuits

How to make a circuit (video)

The power of circuits


Quantum Gates

Quantum logic gate

Demystifying quantum gates

Pythagorean Theorem


Introduction to logic gates

Logic gates

Logic gate facts for kids


Probability line

Probability lesson for kids

Lessons plans – probability

Simple logic gates,many%20different%20ways.%20…%205%20Final%20Example.%20

Logic gates

Create Music with Estuary

Old software


David Ogborn

Old School Browsers

Piskel Lava GIF in Scratch


Creating animations video

Piskal art animation

Create your own sprite

Techie ways to make pixel art

Animate with Piskel

IoT and Covid Vaccine Rollout

The logistics

Colder Than Antarctica?

Role of IoT for COVID-19

IoT helps support vaccine distribution

IoT driving force in vaccine distribution


Smart environments post-covid

IoT sensors monitor vaccines

Sub-zero temperature sensor for vaccines

Critical role of AI and IoT in vaccine development

IoT key to vaccine delivery

There’s a RAM in my PC

What is RAM and What Does It Do?

What Goes on Behind the Loading Screen

What is RAM

RAM vs. storage

Difference between RAM and ROM

RAM for gamers

Random Access Memory

Computer memory types

3D Rendered Future Worlds

The first animation

The Datapoint 220

Edwin Catmull

History of animation

Quick animation history

Evolution of animation

John Whitney

The Game of Design

Play essential to design process

Serious play

Play and problem solving

Play essential to creativity and innovation

Importance of play

CodeGuppy Project

CodeGuppy Website

CodeGuppy Code Editor Workspace

Color Names

RGB Triplet Colors

JavaScript Language Specification

Hexadecimal Color Names

What are Hexadecimal Colors?

Hexadecimal Color Picker

CodeGuppy Draw with Code Projects

Digital Citizenship

9 elements of Digital Citizenship,8%20Digital%20health%20and%20wellness%209%20Digital%20security

What is digital citizenship and why is it important,other%20people%2C%20educate%20themselves%2C%20and%20create%20lasting%20relationships

Digital citizenship skills

Digital citizen lessons for kids

Digital citizenship for kids

Digital citizenship

Safety, privacy and digital citizenship

Preparing kids

Digital citizenship guide for parents

Code Golf

Code practice

What is code golf



Coding challenges


Noah Text, Food, Good, and Dyslexia

Noah text app

Noah text website

The Literacy Crisis

Dyslexia-friendly books

Intelligent tutoring

Noah text video

Teaching kids to read at home

Teaching kids with dyslexia to read

Why do we have a literacy crisis?

What children say about reading

Is English hard to learn?

Get Started with Roblox


Roblox FAQ

Roblox in Education

Roblox activities

Roblox Parents Page

Teaching Remotely with Roblox

The Best Roblox Games

Roblox vs Minecraft: Which is Better?

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

What Parents Need to Know About Roblox

Unpacking Roblox and Its Popularity

Old Retro Web Browsers

History of the web browser

Browser history

The first web browser

Tim Berners-Lee

About Sir Tim Berners-Lee

The man who invented tabs

Line ModeBrowser

Lynx Browser


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    Tim is an award-winning writer and technologist who enjoys teaching tech to non-technical people. He has many years experience with web sites and applications in business, technical, and creative roles. He and his wife have two kids, now teenagers, who are mad about video games.

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