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April 2018 News Wire

Andri Koolme on Flickr

The First Intelligent Heated Jacket

A deceptively simple jacket tracks your body heat and the outside temperature then warms your jacket up or down as needed. It’s a Kickstarter project from the Ministry of Supply, a company that mixes fashion with wearable tech. It’s expensive but might give you ideas how clothing and tech might be useful.


French 16 year old Builds a Virtual Reality Headset for $100

When Maxime Coutté was 13, he wanted to try the Oculus Rift but could not afford the price. So he got together with friends and a math teacher to build a similar VR headset for $100. Then they open sourced the technology on Github so anyone can try and build one.


How to Delete Your Voice Data from Google, Amazon, and Apple

Everything recorded by Amazon’s Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomePod is saved indefinitely for use by these companies. Only Apple currently encrypts your voice recordings so they don’t know what you’re saying. While each company lets you delete your voice data, this article describes how to do it for each service.


Microsoft’s Ink to Code Turns Sketches into Code

Microsoft has released a prototype Windows 10 app called Ink to Code to help software developers export sketches into a Visual Studio editor. The tool accelerates prototyping of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Android interfaces. Developers sketch the underlying structure of code with a stylus on a touchscreen. The app turns sketches into code.


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