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The BBC micro:bit computer is given away free to Year 7 students in the UK, the US equivalent of 6th grade and ages 11-12. The micro:bit introduces kids to computers and programming the same way they might pick up a soccer ball or paint brush and start playing. Here are a few key resources to make the most of your micro:bit.

The BBC micro:bit Website

The official home of the micro:bit has everything needed to get started with instructions to sign up your school, lesson plans, videos and much more. The micro:bit is a small wearable and programmable device that features an LED display, an accelerometer, compass, buttons, Micro USB plug, Bluetooth, and a battery plug.

The micro:bit is a worthy successor to the BBC Micro, the portable minicomputer designed and distributed for educational use in the UK in the 1980s. The BBC Micro was built to promote computer literacy. Today computers are much smaller, of course, and the micro:bit works both at a programmable computer and an internet of things device.

micro:bit Curriculum

In addition to the BBC micro:bit website, there are a few other places online where you can find micro:bit lessons.

Kodu, TouchDevelop, MicroPython

Microsoft and the Python Software Foundation have created software you can use to program your micro:bit.


The electronics manufacturer Kitronik has Design and Technology lessons as well as fun useful accessories to extend the micro:bit.

Technology Will Save Us

A co-inventor of the micro:bit offers kits and tutorials.