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Where to Find Projects for Kids

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Find kid-friendly projects online to keep you and your kids busy having fun and learning.

Depending upon your interests, there are hundreds probably thousands of website communities with great ideas for project for kids you can try out. Here are three sites with a few links to explore even further. While you can search online for types of projects, for example, electronic projects, these three sites make it easy to find different kinds of projects in one location.

Raspberry Pi

While there are tons of websites about RaspberryPi, the computer board designed for lots of fun projects, including the RaspberryPi foundation site, there’s also a Google+ community with a regular amount of projects for kids and news about this device. This week, for example, there’s a post on a SketchUp 3D model of the latest version of the computer board, project descriptions for media players, and an article about Dave Akerman who sends his Pis up into high atmosphere balloons over Europe.

Make Magazine

The founders and sponsors of Maker Faires everywhere (it seems), their online magazine site includes lots of projects to browse. Plus both the online and print magazine versions includes lots of useful background materials to help with 3D printing, solar projects, and electronics. This week there’s a project that detects whether or not you have washed your hands, with a big light board that flashes when you have not, as well as a few paper circuit projects.


The idea for Instructables grew out of projects several friends did while at the MIT Media Lab, as a blog to document their hand-sewn kites and other projects. Spun off as a standalone website in 2006, the site lets anyone carefully document their projects, from technology to cooking to yarn to whatever gets people excited. While they have quite a few technology projects for kids, it’s a great place to branch out into other media. Contests and member ratings help sort out the best projects. This week, their projects include how to salvage those slippery bits of leftover soap from the shower, a cosmonaut glove, how to make seaweed salt, a $2 bill pad, and clap on lights.

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Find kid-friendly projects online to keep you and your kids busy having fun and learning.

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