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Computer Science Curriculum Resources

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Created by teachers, administrators, and industry professionals, the most comprehensive, and inclusive, computer science curriculum for the United States appears to be the model curriculum from the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). Their well-rounded curriculum includes lots of topics for the many students who will not be interested in programming but do need to understand how technology works.

The United Kingdom adopted a broad national curriculum in 2013, a computing programme, which has generated a lot of positive attention and energy to adopt a hands on approach to teaching not only programming but computer science concepts that animates programming.

In addition, there are several foundations which highlight teachers and curriculum that engage kids with computer science, technology, and the world outside their classrooms. Skype in the classroom also uses their technology to connect teachers and students with other classrooms and experts in different topics.

Many countries have a national computer science curriculum, created by a government or like the CSTA by private groups. There also are many groups, for example, CS Unplugged, which provide resources to help teachers who want to include computer science concepts in what they teach.

CSTA K—12 Computer Science Standards

A model curriculum created by teachers, administrators, industry, and others which align to various national standards, for example, Common Core. Their materials also includes links to resources for computational thinking and computer science curriculum.


The foundation created by George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, highlights teachers and schools using technology, experts, and their communities to improve learning in schools.

Skype in the classroom

A program to use Skype call technology to connect classrooms with other classrooms and subject matter experts to expand what kids encounter in their classrooms.

UK National Curriculum: Computing Programme

The government website holds the standards for computing programmes taught in UK schools, as well as background information.

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CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards




Skype in the classroom


UK National Curriculum for Computing Programme


Ontario Canada: Secondary School Computer Studies


Online Learning: A Bachelor’s Level Computer Science Program Curriculum

A review of free online computer science courses from US universities.

CS Unplugged


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