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Links from the bottom of all the October 2019 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Jack o’Lantern in Sketchup

Haunted house

Pumpkin in Sketchup

Scrollsaw patterns

Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers List

Happy Numbers for Teachers

7 and Happy Numbers

Why 4 is the Nemesis of Happy Numbers

Happy Number

How to Code Happy Numbers

Dr. Who and Happy Numbers (Hey, Why Not?)

Botley the Coding Robot


Botley Coding Robot Review

Botley video

Party with Botley in the classroom

Botley Printables

Botley teaches coding

Coding robots

Botley Coding Fun

Colby Robot Mouse Tutorial

Robot mouse coding activities

Colby the Amazing Mouse

Robot Mouse games

Activity set

Robot mouse coding for kids

Best robot coding toys for kids


3D Printing in Space

Wrench Made in Space

Printable models

3D Printing challenge

3D Dratchet wrench

STMD Centennial Challenge

Crew prints 3D student designed tool in space

Recycle-Reuse plastic on space station

A Short History of Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Generators

Cicero’s De finibus bonorum et malorum

Hello World! in 100 Programming Languages

Wolfram Roesler’s Hello World Examples

List of Hello Word Program Examples (Wikipedia)





Text File with Code Samples

Hello World! code samples in a text file

Hash and Salt

Computerphile: How NOT to Store Passwords!

Computerphile: Hashing Algorithms and Security

hashing algorithm

Hash, salts, and peppers


Password salting”>

hash function

Rainbow tables

Rainbow table attack

Encryption for kids

Break the code games

CS and Raising Problem Solvers

21st Century learning strategies

What does Problem-based learning look like?

Ideas for project-based learning

John Dewey biography

Harvard project-based learning


Parent resources for project-based learning

Project-based STEM activities

Inspiring project-based learning for kids

Inspiring project-based learning for kids

Project-based learning: science

Getting Started with Roblox Studio


Wizard Tycoon

Roblox studio

Studio basics

Roblox Studio

Roblox coding courses

Walk-through Brick in Roblox

Game Creation Tools

Roblox Foundations

CPX Reaction Game


Adafruit CircuitPython


CircuitPython Raspberry Pi

Game Making

Simon game clone

Adding Types to Untyped Languages

Untyped and dynamically typed languages


type checker for Ruby


speedy python checker


Typescript: the basics

Into to Typescript

3D in 2D Games

3-dimensional space

Tutorial: adding depth to 2D game–cms-21510

Mickey Mania’s 3D Chase

3D Modeling Overview

3D Modeling History

3D Hand-drawn pictures

How to: parallax

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling

2D to 3D Cyberchase

Turtle Solar System

Turtle programming-python

Solar System

Here comes the Whole solar system

Solar System simulation

Simulating planetary orbits

Cartesian coordinates

Make your own graph

Cartesian Plane

Cartesian coordinate system

Pacman using Python

Pigeon Hole Principle

16 Fun Applications of the Pigeon Hole Principle

The Birthday Paradox

Video about the Pigeon Hole Principle

Pigeon Hole Principle

Fun facts

Pigeon Hole Principle

Pigeon Hole Principle for kids


What is Closure

Closure for kids


How my 10-year-old learned Javascript

Closure computer science

Tricky Technicians and Cybersecurity

Protect Yourself from Tech Support Scams

Here’s What to do if you see a fake virus alert

Best Free Antivirus Software 2019,review-6003.html

Locks to Lightbulbs (IoT)

Philips Hue, smart home lighting made brilliant

Smart home attacks

World Economic Forum launches global councils across IoT, blockchain, AI

A License to Code

The Choose a License Site

Creative Commons is like open source but for artistic things rather than code

You can even make hardware open source!

Clarissa’s license based upon another permissive license

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Also In The October 2019 Issue

Bring out your virtual carving knives — it’s time to give your digital pumpkins some spooky faces!

30+ ideas for STEAM-theme gifts for kids of all ages!

Teach kids basic coding skills by letting them program Botley to zoom around the room, draw shapes, and even avoid obstacles!

How 3D printing could help us get to Mars, and create new tools, homes, spacecrafts — even organs!

No discussion of design is complete without the history of lorem ipsum. It's more than placeholder text you stuff into a visual design.

"Hello World!" is one of the first programs you learn how to code. Here's the phrase in 4 languages with links to 100 more examples.

Learn the delicious-sounding secrets that websites use to keep your passwords safe from hackers.

A simple, quirky theorem with big applications, from picking socks to counting hairs.

Are you ready to create your virtual own solar system? With a little Python code and a little math, the sky’s the limit!

Learn some of the tricks game developers use to simulate an extra dimension.

How scammers can trick you into downloading malware onto your own computer.

There are pros and cons to networking all the “smart” devices in your home. What surprises does the future hold?

Sometimes, even the most dynamic languages need to classify and check data. Now, you can add your own types to any language!

Is it possible to steal software? And how do we know who owns code?

Check out this nifty feature that helps programs distinguish between variables with different scopes.

Create a simple electronic game with CircuitPython and Adafruit, and test your reflexes against friends and family!

Links from the bottom of all the October 2019 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.