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News Wire Stories for August 2013

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Crowdsourcing a Time Machine to Revisit Climate Past

Help create a database with climate data from maritime logs dating back to the 1800s. This could be a great project for teachers to introduce their students to data projects. And for people interested to help out.

This Is What Wi-Fi Would Look Like, If We Could See It

Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm wanted to know: what would Wi-Fi look like if we could see those waves pulsing the network to our computers?

Say Goodbye to the Tech Sounds You'll Never Hear Again

Sadly, you can date yourself by whether or not you’ve heard some of these sounds, like modems or blowing on a Nintendo cartridge or using a payphone.

AgentCubes-in-a-Box: Introduce Computing Through Game Design

Downloadable NCWIT curriculum, helps teachers bring 3D game design to their K-12 STEM students. AgentCubes is a programming environment for 3D video games and simulations. As part of the Scalable Game Design research, AgentCubes technology has been evaluated and tested by educators at the University of Colorado with over 10,000 K-12 students.

The Guitar That Can Type An Email Makes Email Interesting Again


These Stunning Maps were made Entirely from Geotagged Tweets

Wonderfully delicate spider maps from around the world. Comments are fun to read, too.

Tech May Be Whistled Language’s Demise


A Rare Peek At The Guidelines That Dictate Google's Graphic Design


WhiteHat Finds Website Security Has Drastically Improved


Happy Birthday, Baby"”The 65th Anniversary of Computer Software

One of the joys of travel overseas is discovering other countries discovered technologies way before any other country, including yours. In this case, apparently Baby (aka the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine) pre-dated anything us Yanks came up with.

There Are Plenty of Women in Tech, You Just Haven’t Noticed

Matches my experiences in Corporate America: lots of women contribute in tech roles. There could (and should) be more, of course. I hear there’s to be a follow up article highlighting women in technology.

Cross Section Photos of Golf Balls Reveal the Diverse Beauty Within

How to design and build the perfect golf ball is a technology problem, and often uses computers.

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