Minecraft, Redust, and Logic Gates

New, crafty mods that’ll push your Minecraft design skills to new levels.

For the past few issues, we’ve been focusing on mods that enhance exploration and add more base content to the game. Do you remember a few episodes when we talked about redstone, and how it can be used in a computing way? Well, there are mods out there that take this one step further! Let’s take a look at some logic-based mods that’s bound to have you thinking hard!

Project Red

If the base redstone content has you bored, why not try Project Red? This deeply enhances redstone in the game, adding items such as circuit boards, coils, and plates. Project Red has a base ‘core’ mod that has all the basics, but you can also pick and choose from other modules, such as the ability to transmit redstone over long distances and use it to break and place blocks.


If you want to try programming in Minecraft, this is the way to do it! ComputerCraft puts computers and programming into your game. You can use it to do some basic functions, or wire it up to other components to make logic-based contraptions. It’s a great way to learn how to code and have fun with it at the same time!


If you don’t fancy building computers, but you enjoy the idea of making contraptions that perform your bidding, you may prefer IndustrialCraft instead. This doesn’t require programming, but it does introduce a lot of machinery which you have to build using your own logic. Furnaces are great for making ore, but how about making a conveyor system to pick up ore and automatically smelt it? How about automatically powering the furnace using solar energy, water power, or even lava? The choice is yours!


Fancy your own programmable friend? Why not try Roboticraft, a mod that uses Python programming to make your own worker companion? Build a small robot, then give it chips that allow it to attack, mine, build, and interact with redstone contraptions, toname a few. It has its own inventory and is similar to a player character; all you need to do is tell it what it needs to do! A great way to learn Python with the end result being your very own robot buddy.


Playing Minecraft is a ton of fun, but what if you want to go exploring while also gathering ore for your base? If you want something else to do the hard work for you, try BuildCraft. This allows for superior automation of mining quarries, so you never have to lift a pick again! You can even set up tubes and machinery to transport the freshly-mined ore right to your boxes, so you can watch the ore roll in after you’re back from your adventures.

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