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Minecraft Mods: The Aether

Mike Prosser on Flickr

If you’re a pro at Minecraft, there’s a really good chance that you’ve experienced the horrors of the Nether first-hand. It’s a hellish world where monsters lurk around every corner, where dark and scary fortresses hold treasures for the brave, and if you take one wrong step, you’ll lose all your items to the infinite amount of lava in the Nether.

However, while the Nether is a really interesting part of Minecraft…why isn’t there an opposite realm? If we can have a hellish plane…why not a heavenly one?

This is where the Aether mod for Minecraft comes in. Minecraft mods are really great, as they let you redesign the game from the ground up with new things for you to explore. And the Aether mod lets you add a heavenly realm into your game.

This mod introduces a lot of new blocks for you to experiment with. For instance, you’ll notice that the clouds in the Aether are a little more solid than the ones in the overworld. You can break these and use them in your own projects, and they work similarly to cobwebs in that they can break your fall if you land on them from a great height. They even come in different colors, and each one has its own unique trait!

If you put three cloud blocks along the top row of a crafting table and put string in the direct middle, you can use them to create a parachute. You can only use them once, but they’re a handy way to break fatal falls if you haven’t got the elytra from the End yet.

And you’ll quickly learn that anything that can slow down your descent is a valuable tool in the Aether, because it’s made up of islands in the sky. That means there’s no solid bottom bedrock layer to catch you if you fall; if you do, you’d better hope a cloud catches you or you activate your parachute in time, or else it’ll end in a painful fall back into the overworld!

And just because the scenery’s nice, doesn’t mean the denizens aren’t out to get you, either. From Moa birds that protect their nests from inquisitive adventurers to slimes that try to eat you, it’s not easy staying alive in the Aether!

At the time of writing, there are several versions of the Aether, including a sequel called (you guessed it) Aether 2. Feel free to check out which versions of Minecraft each one modifies and pick the one that suits you best.

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